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  1. Milestones…

    Tracy, I'd eat anything you cooked.....
  2. Milestones…

    Pepper jelly.... mmmmmmmm
  3. 2024 Build and Price is up

    Yeah, mine would be 11k more after what I actually paid. I would guess actual delivered pricing would be up to each dealer. I've heard rumors they are getting rid of X-Plan but I don't think I've seen anything definitive. And dealers don't have to honor X-Plan if they don't want to.
  4. 2024 Build and Price is up

    Given what we saw with the Bronco, and the limit on volume, I'd be shocked if dealers didn't tack on a pretty hefty "Market Adjustment" for most/all of the Raptors. I can't say I'm surprised, but it is still depressing. And I'm not sure you can count on what they tell you on Monday - they can...
  5. 2024 Build and Price is up

    Agreed. I've never been one of the "gotta have the latest, greatest" crowd. I replace things when they outlive their lifespan or my needs have changed but not before. I did splurge a bit on my 2019, but between incentives and X-Plan I saved about 10% off MSRP on it - and zero ADM. When I...
  6. 2024 Build and Price is up

    Interesting. Given there will only be 3,000 first run, you can guarantee most dealers will do ADM on them. You can't really customize the Raptors too much. About the only thing you can do is order the color and add accessories (floor mats, mud flaps, tonneau cover, etc, etc).
  7. 2024 Build and Price is up

    Nope - at the end of the day, this truck is just a tool. I've really enjoyed it, but it is still just a tool. I refuse to pay ADM for a WANT. I was a bit surprised at how much the prices have gone up. 7k in 5 (model) years. That is over a 15% increase if my math is correct. That is nuts.
  8. 2024 Build and Price is up

    I was surprised this wasn't posted here already, but I saw a posting on Facebook this morning about the 2024 build and price. It is apparently functional now: Just for yucks I decided to build a 2024 as similar to my 2019 as I could. I did...
  9. Michigan WTB: Custom Bedside Graphics / Decal

    There are also a ton of options on Etsy.
  10. After 2.5 years, I sent the Ranger packing...

    Of course! Everyone knows the correct term is more gooderer! :LOL: White is good, but PLATINUM White is even better.....
  11. Constant quality complaints in forum

    And increasingly off topic. Please take further discussions to the off topic forum. Thanks
  12. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    @Fitzmotor had some questions in this post: That thought maybe you had some thoughts on....
  13. Remote Transmission Dip Stick Aftermarket Support?

    Paging @P. A. Schilke .... Mr P.A. Schilke.
  14. MP1 Is Up For Auction

    Looks like a rear door was already taken (unless they pulled that off earlier). Man, it looks pretty sad - Dave, you did a number on that poor carcass!!! I'm amazed the insurance company let you pick it so clean.
  15. AzScorpion's Money Pit 2 Build

    The Ranger Chicken!!!!! (In my best Starsky voice): DO IT!!!!
  16. Constant quality complaints in forum

    Yeah, like I said, it probably wouldn't change the fact that Ford has been in the crapper as far as quality goes recently, but simply reporting the NUMBER of recalls isn't terribly helpful. Costs (as you quoted above) give more insight into the severity of them, as well as numbers of vehicles...
  17. Incandescent Bulbs to LED Swap: Is it worth it?

    If you do, just plan on replacing them a LOT more frequently. They certainly are brighter, but they burn out quickly - at least in my experience. I bought a few sets for the Honda Accord I bought from my mom, and went thru 3 sets of them before I decide to go back to "regular" brightness.
  18. Constant quality complaints in forum

    That would only make sense if it was put in a percentage of vehicles sold. That list appears to be based solely on number of recalls, not percentage of recalls per vehicle sold. Not saying Ford would do much better but they do sell a LOT of cars and trucks. GM in numbers of recalls was better...
  19. Lease ends July 1st - lost my job - what to do

    This thread has gone completely sideways and is non productive. It is being locked to further replies.
  20. Lease ends July 1st - lost my job - what to do

    I'm showing my age here, but one thing that drives me nuts about software these days - it is all about the LOOK. For years, I've told people "it doesn't matter what it looks like if it doesn't work". I've always maintained that function is more important than form - but that does not seem to...