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  1. Tremor with 35's

    One highway, Zero city
  2. Borla S-Type v. Ford Sport Performance by Borla

    If this video is anything to go on, tneyre both the same. I have the one ordered from Borla and its identical on a cold start.
  3. Aftermarket Remote Start suggestions

    Well hell, it finally got updated eh? I had forgotten all about that thing, thanks for the reminder!
  4. Ford Ranger SUV sold in Thailand as Everest Sport... Interesting!

    Wtf the lariat model gets 20" rims!? I call bullshit!
  5. Ford Moving toward Build-to-Order, Away from Packed Dealer Lots

    Damn right deals will go away. There's not gonna be anymore huge dealerships buying 100 trucks at once and getting a huge discount they pass on to us to get our business. ?
  6. is it possible for an aftermarket exhaust to affect the turbo?

    Seeing as how I'm currently fleeing Nigeria in my ranger, my vast wealth is being held and I have no access to it. If you would provide me with your credit card number or banking details I will gladly look into sending it to you for testing.
  7. is it possible for an aftermarket exhaust to affect the turbo?

    Yeah it's 100% a chirp on start up. When I had it fixed it was doing it constantly, but now it's only at the start, so I was afraid it might be coming back. I'm glad it's normal though, thank you!? I'll look into getting some lube for it.
  8. is it possible for an aftermarket exhaust to affect the turbo?

    @dondonbabyraptor no it's definitely not a noise like that. It's more of a "this part clearly needs lubricated" squeak.
  9. is it possible for an aftermarket exhaust to affect the turbo?

    Got a Borla S-type exhaust on my truck, I freaking love it. But a couple weeks in, the turbo's wastegate actuator started squeeking, noticeably so. Took it in to ford, they had it for a couple days and replaced the entire turbo. Get it back and all is well in the world. A few weeks later I...
  10. What Features SHOULD your Ranger Have but Ford Missed?

    I know this is old, but Ford would and will fuck this up so badly. I had a 2021 Limited Explorer as a rental a couple weeks ago with a wireless charger slot. My freaking phone didn't even fit in it.... Yeah I have a big phone, but this is a big super expensive vehicle. You really don't expect...
  11. Ford paint

    The clear coat on mine seems to be horrible. It makes me afraid to wash the damn thing. I can see microscratches all over my black ranger, like anywhere and everywhere and I just don't get it. I wash with a pressure washer, foam cannon and a wash mitt. And I dry it off with a giant microfibre...
  12. Simple level

    @AzScorpion thanks for at least telling me your experience so far. It's really something I'd like to do as the truck looks way meaner with the front end up a bit. And I really don't want to get into the can of worms replacing the entire front end with Thay suspension lift. So I'll keep looking...
  13. Simple level

    @AzScorpion Do you have any idea if those leveling kits actually cause the front end components to wear out quicker? Or is that not a thing? I wanted to get the RC simple leveling kit for my truck but a work mate was telling me they wear out your struts and control arms faster.
  14. Adding 360 Birdseye camera

    That's pretty damn interesting. I found a video of someone installing the Rostra system in a 2019 F150 with sync 3. Might offer some insight into it working on our trucks.
  15. Bronco guys putting us to shame

    They're making us look old? Half of you have "retired" as an occupation. ?
  16. What is going on at AFE?

    So shitty to want to buy things right now and not being able to get the products. This AFE situation sounds sketchy too. Really wanted to get ahold of their charge pipes and the catted downpipe in the future. Guess I'll be waiting till all this crap settles down. ☹️
  17. Back ordered floor liners didn't even bother messaging me, I had to ask them wtf was going on, and it still took weeks for them to get back to me. Tdotperformance on the other hand, as soon as their 25 day special order shipping time was up, they immediately emailed me telling me the manufacturer required...
  18. So how hot is it where you are today?

    93° in this swamp-ass of a province Ontario. Good day for me to be wheelbarrowing loads of sand down to where we're putting on our pool ?
  19. And I Thought The Chevrolet Trucks Had An Ugly Front End

    Eh, I kinda like it. It's beefier looking than the previous gen, and I appreciate that everyone is going angular again. I like the ranger, but it has some of that leftover 2000s design aspect to it where everything needed a curve.
  20. Back ordered floor liners

    I chose to suffer through. The money was already spent and paid off and didn't account for any of my other finances. And I was afraid if I cancelled I'd be even further back in the line. Took 3 months to get my tonneau cover, and 1.5 months to get my exhaust. Painful waits to be sure, but I...