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    Six by nine?
  2. You might be a Redneck if...

    When we were kids we used to dip cleaning cotton to oil, drop a 350 fuze on it, light it up and watch the audiovisual show. When we got older we thought that it might not be safe, so we switched to blasting caps :)
  3. You might be a Redneck if...

    Hey... This made me think of "Extended bed" using sliding rails within the bed. Pretty similiar to demountable platform on real trucks but in smaller scale. With this system you could shorten the bed to normal for "around the city" travel or off-roading, but you could extend the bed to actually...
  4. Salesman Flips New Ford Ranger Raptor During Joyride

    Tyre pressure low - OK
  5. Cold feet

    Ceramic heater. It automatically cuts the heating when temperature of the heating element rises.
  6. Cold feet

    Put webasto on half an hour prior to leaving and remote start at 15 minutes prior to leaving. Then you get toasty +20'C in the cabin when you jump in :) More in-depth analysis (purely assumptions). - 5G has PTC heater - Engine heat is transferred to cabin through coolant loop - When...
  7. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Didn't realize that pouch under the seat was a battery + light attachment. Tought it as item carry bag :) Seems like you're all set up!
  8. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Upgrade idea 1. Front light 2. Rear light 3. Hub dynamo 24/7 lights without need to charge batteries. Example below (front light, site got all). Bonus feature is that you can charge your mobile with it.
  9. Ranger Ambulance

    Hey.. We got one too. Raptor tho.
  10. I’m now living the high life

    It's pretty easy to do, just simmer young tips of spruce tree in (sugar) water for 4 hours or so until the water has evaporated. If you want a taste, you can just make tea out of it by boiling them for few minutes. Now collecting the tips is the pain as you'll need a lot of them and the...
  11. I’m now living the high life

    This reminds me that I did Spruce syrup just few days ago. Pretty good stuff.
  12. Might buy a Ranger raptor year 2020 but do I dare?

    Some thoughts as a Raptor owner. - Possible electric issues in below -25'C. Check if the truck has Webasto/Eberspracher. Mine occasionally has some weird computer stuff happening if I don't put the heater on in advance. - Had an issue with AdBlue tank dropping off. - Creature comfort is great -...
  13. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    Joe's life expectancy is 77 years. That leaves 13 years. Monthly expenditure is roughly 10k with 7% inflation (averaged, current is way up) plus Joe's expenditure of ~2k. That makes Joe's bare minimum to 4,511,229$.
  14. Ford Patent Filed For Vehicle Seat With Liquid Cooling

    I do hope they put -60'C glygol in the pipes... (highest, or actually lowest I've seen was minus -50.5'C and that is enough to freeze an AGM battery)
  15. Is the 'Fake Engine Noise' for real?

    Yes it's real. Stupid ass V6 petrol engine sounds coming from speakers when you're driving a DIESEL. Just crack a door and accelerate fast to test the real sound.
  16. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Poor pic due to low light, but you get the idea.