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  1. 2024 Tacoma first teaser dropped by Toyota

    Don't quote me on this, but it looks like it might have a bed and also 4 wheels. Can't tell from the pic but rumor is it has some really badass upgraded drum brakes.
  2. Thank you!

    Congrats on your fugly truck.
  3. Someone is not getting their Ranger......

    Okay Tito, you’re on notice, no hangin out near rr tracks.
  4. Someone is not getting their Ranger......

    Another example of the terrible state of journalism in this country. The reporter states that there were "no hazardous materials on the train" immediately after telling us there were Chevys on the train.
  5. Tracy Bowman Appreciation Thread

    Tracy's an intelligent, strong woman. Why the hell would she have a damper?
  6. 2024 Ford Ranger XLT Spotted With Chrome, Rear Bumper Steps

    Looks to be just about a certainty at this point that you have to pony up for the Raptor to avoid that hideous front end. Well done Ford.

    Ginger or Mary Ann?
  8. Explorer Mens Edition

    Well they can't do stuff like produce reliable vehicles or have successful model launches, but thank God they have that virtue signaling bullshit figured out.
  9. 2024 pre deletes?

    Maybe we'll get lucky and there will be a shortage of that shit front end.
  10. Added massive air drag

    I zoomed in and couldn't see the op, I did see Bigfoot however.
  11. I’m on the Damper Fence

    Dave made a fence outta dampers?
  12. US-Market 2024 Ford Ranger XLT Spotted Fully Undisguised

    Sees thread title :fingerscrossed: Opens thread :ontheloo:
  13. 2024 Ranger

    That better not be the front end. I would drive a used Aztek before being seen in that shit.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you all have a great one. Getting ready to put on a couple of breasts.
  15. 5G Ranger's Hauling Things Thread

    Everything required for a king bed setup
  16. Sync 3 v3.4.22200 Update

    Any new themes, specifically, a black/gray/white theme?
  17. Any special steps required with battery replacement?

    Is a glass mayonnaise jar an approved container? So went out Monday morning to go to work and the truck wouldn't start. The weird thing was that everything that uses power seemed fine, e.g. audio system, lights, etc. After a few attempts to start I did start to get warnings about the state of...