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  1. 10r80 Transmission factory re-flash and VB repair

    I recently took my 2020 Lariat w/29k miles in for a random delay in shifting from R to D from a cold start. They did a software update on the TCM & a reset. The R to D delay issue hasn’t reappeared yet & after a few days of driving the trans is smooth as silk.
  2. Another transmission thread (yay)

    If you don’t like gears 7,8,9 or 10 put it in sport and control it yourself 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Help identifying a plastic part?

    Its the do-hicky that attaches to the whatch-ma-call it for the tailgate damper 😂
  4. 10R80 transmission “stuck” between gears

    Have the dealer check your fluid level. Sounds like it’s under-filled.
  5. Concerning a B&M 22200 Trans Dip Stick

    Good question…following 🧐
  6. Ranger Raptor US spec revealed by Mike Levine

    At least it’s level! :dance:
  7. GM Is Investing Almost $1 Billion in New V8 Engines

    GM makes a ton of money on crate engines as well!
  8. “New” OEM engine covers

    Take a used 2019 or 2020 Lariat for a test drive. Pull over & pop the engine cover off and hand it to a waiting accomplice . Easy-peazy! 😂 (just kidding)
  9. Our Rangers Theft Prone like F- Series? How, and How to Protect?

    Won’t a cookie tin do the same thing?
  10. Charging Sys-Question for Phil / Ford Techs / Anybody

    I have a 2020 Lariat W/23k miles (built 3/2020) and no battery issues.
  11. Garage Door Opener Button Issues

    I could but I was looking for a fix instead of a band aid.
  12. Garage Door Opener Button Issues

    I use the opener several times a day and recently heard a crack when pushing the programmed one (middle) and noticed the button sunk deeper into the plastic body. Fortunately the button still operates correctly but was wondering has anyone else had the same issue & does anyone know how to remove...
  13. Nitrogen

    My tailgate damper is filled with nitrogen. You should see how well it opens & closes! 😂

    You got my vote!
  15. Intake valve carbon cleaner

    Mine started doing wheel stands after this treatment!
  16. Black Exhaust

    Aftermarket Gibson
  17. Front Seat Headrests - Question

    yup…that’s why I included my build date so others can compare.
  18. Bug Deflector 2

    Those things will scratch the crap out of your windshield. You ever see how dirty that water is? Hasn’t been changed in months.
  19. Front Seat Headrests - Question

    My 2020 Lariat built (3/2020) headrests tilt as well. The rear seat headrest did not have a button but there’s a hack for installing a piece of dowel to make an internal button so they’ll tilt.