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  1. Garage Door Opener Button Issues

    I use the opener several times a day and recently heard a crack when pushing the programmed one (middle) and noticed the button sunk deeper into the plastic body. Fortunately the button still operates correctly but was wondering has anyone else had the same issue & does anyone know how to remove...
  2. Gibson Cat-Back Installed!

    Finally got around to purchasing & installing the dual exhaust (muffler & tailpipes) cat-back system. So far, so good. It does give a deeper growl like sound inside & out and I noticed the gas mileage appears to be better already based on my return home trip Average Fuel economy dash reading...
  3. Interesting Display

    I’ve looked in the manual with no luck. What is this truck indicator next to the gas gauge?
  4. Recognize this?

    I found this grommet on my driveway recently. Anyone seen this maybe while doing your mods? Just curious. Not worried it’s anything serious. Thanks
  5. Dash Lighting/Illumination

    I may have missed a thread about this but is there a way to adjust the brightness of the dash lights on a 2020 Lariat w/501A pkg?
  6. Stiction Eliminator?

    I just saw this product on the Motor Trend channel. Curious if anyone has experience with this or and any other similar products. Since our 2.3Ls are direct injected, could the Stiction eliminator help ward off carbon build up? ??‍♂️
  7. Rear camera Recall Notice
  8. 2021 Ranger TREMOR Off-Road Package Revealed

    Thoughts? New Ford Ranger Tremor Off-Road Package Creates Most Off-Road-Capable Factory-Built Ranger Ever for U.S. Customers New Tremor Off-Road Package available on 2021 Ranger creates the most off-road-ready factory-built Ranger ever offered in the U.S., adding a new level of all-terrain...
  9. Build Date

    I found a decal on my 2020 frame. Does the date represent the build date of the truck or just the frame? If it’s the frame where can I find the actual build date?
  10. Maryland WTS - NEW Ranger Decals

    WTS - New TVD decals-Fenders, dash & a RANGER5G decal (1.5”x12”) in Cardinal Red and Dark Red Metallic $15 per set includes shipping to lower 48.
  11. Vent Window

    Anyone else wish they still used vent windows on modern vehicles? Here’s my Ranger with one photoshopped in.
  12. 2019+ Ranger Cardinal Red and Dark Red Metallic TVDVINYL DECALS

    WTS - New TVD decals-Fenders, dash & RANGER5G 1.5” X 12” decal in Cardinal Red and Dark Red Metallic $15 per set
  13. Automatic Shift Indicator Question

    So I’ve noticed according to my indicator the transmission doesn’t seem to ever Shift in/out of 2nd gear. It goes from 1 to 3 and so on. Then 3 to 1 when stopping. I’ve tried various stop and start speeds and I have yet to see “2“ light up. Curious if anyone else has the same experience...
  14. Plant Shutting Down Temporarily!

    my truck was due to be built any day now...?