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  1. Slow Page Load

    Same here.
  2. Ford Debuts Ranger Storm Concept

    From Ford has debuted a Ranger Storm Concept for the foreign market. I like this thing a lot! Hope we get some special editions like this. From Introduced at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show this week, the Ford Ranger Storm is...
  3. pricing

    Welcome to the site! This thread might be helpful? There's lots of people posting their deals and what discounts they've received.
  4. Start Stop Feature on the 2.3L Ecoboost

    There's two popular ways to disable auto start stop on the F-150, so these may work on the Ranger as well. 1) Reprogram using Forscan and change the values in the address string (BCM module - 726-48-02 / x0xx/xxxx/xxxx) for 'auto start/stop' will permanently disable this feature. Equipment...
  5. Spray-in Bed liner

    Dunno but I do know that Line-X has a lifetime warranty that's honored at Line-X dealers coast to coast (you can go to any Line-X dealer even if not your original installer).
  6. Bolt pattern?

    The global 2017 Ranger is 6x139.7 bolt pattern with 93.1 mm center bore. Any reason this would have changed for the 2019 US Ranger?
  7. What car/truck are you replacing with the new Ranger?

    The Jeep JT Pickup will most definitely be priced significantly higher than the Ranger. Just look at the Jeep JL Wrangler, it already approaches $60k fully optioned. :surprised: And the Jeep JT is rumored to be priced even higher starting price. And I think the Ranger will drive nicer than the...
  8. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome to group @Ric @WxNerd2015 @LoneStarFlatLanders @wa2be @rickinmd @AnimeRanger87 @RangerFX4 @StAugKid @blackdog Help yourselves to a beer :beer:
  9. What car/truck are you replacing with the new Ranger?

    That Jeep is freakin cool! Looks like we got some Jeep guys here. I wonder how many Jeep enthusiasts will cross over to the Ranger side instead of going with the new Jeep Pickup.
  10. 2019 Ford Ranger Accessories & Pricing Revealed

    Really?? That'd be disappointing :frown: The Jeep Compass looks nothing like the official Bronco teaser's shape. Sure it wasn't the "baby Bronco" they showed? That shape looks more like Jeep Compass.
  11. 2019 Ford Ranger Accessories & Pricing Revealed

    This is sweet. Wonder who makes the front bumper and wheels.
  12. 2019 Ford Ranger Tech Specs

    Few things I noticed about Ranger when comparing to the Tacoma and Colorado... - better turning circle than both Tacoma and Colorado - less fuel capacity than both Tacoma and Colorado - more front and rear legroom than Tacoma but less than Colorado
  13. 2019 Ranger MPG vs Tacoma, Colorado, Jeep pickup

    Usually I’d say an extra electronically controlled moving part is just another potential point of failure but I think active grille shutters could be worth the trade off for utility. Pickups already have large upright front fascias and the grille is large on the Ranger so that’s gotta be bad for...
  14. 2019 Ford Ranger Accessories & Pricing Revealed

    I’m going to guess they’re the Raptor style ones. Interesting that they’re made by Bushwacker. That’s a good thing since their fenders generally have good figment and quality.
  15. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome to the club @Stumblios @Blumentalist @RangerRaptorFan @Stic-o @DHare @BlakeRom @rangerdanger !
  16. Bronco hints might show Ranger Raptor 2.7L engine option.

    Yassss! Hope it's true and doesn't get nixed by the bean counters. Putting that 2.7L Ecoboost in the Ranger Raptor would really elevate it to even higher halo model status. How many of you guys would pass on the Ranger Raptor if it gets the 2.3L versus the 2.7L? Or you'd be interested either way?
  17. UPDATED: 2019 Ranger gets 270 HP/310 LB-FT, class leading towing and payload rating!

    Wow SWEEET! Being able to tow 500-700 pounds over the Colorado and Tacoma is damn impressive!
  18. 2019 Ranger MPG vs Tacoma, Colorado, Jeep pickup

    > 26 MPG would make a big impression with potential owners I think. And totally achievable for the US 4x2 if the Mexican market XLT 4x4 is already getting 26 MPG.
  19. 2019 Ford Ranger Waiting Room - Share Your Orders Here!

    I doubt Ford will offer that since they probably want to keep it exclusive to the Ranger Raptor. But the aftermarket should have you covered. The F-150 has many aftermarket Raptor style grilles available.