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  1. 2024 Ford Ranger Raptor In Hot Pepper Red

    I agree. It reminds me of erect nipples. Not in a good way.
  2. Some Ranger lovers are ridiculous

    It’s like the guy that positions his truck behind his girlfriend at a coffee shop so he can maintain eye contact with his Rapid Red Ranger.
  3. Rangers in SNOW

    We went up to Mauna Kea a couple weeks back. Not a whole lot of snow that day, but the current storm has brought a lot more snow! I can’t wait to go back up!
  4. Ford extended warrantee?

    I didn't buy an extended warranty when I purchased my truck because I felt it was an overblown cost for “piece of mind” on a truck they try to convince you is the bee’s knees. But I did end up purchasing one after seeing the crazy discount you can get on these forums. I purchased my extended...
  5. Clicking behind dash.

    I thought some pixies were living behind there! Thanks for sharing the video, now I can call off the exterminators and fix the noise myself!
  6. Gas Mileage SoCal

    The ranger likes to be in too high of a gear. Though it was likely designed as a way to increase mpg, I feel like it does the opposite because you are on the gas more (efficiency curve). I drive in sport most of the time, especially uphill and it has increased my mpg. For city driving, I use...
  7. 4th Gen 2024 Tacoma design leaked! 📸

    Looks better than the Ranger’s next gen!
  8. My perfect Ranger with an imperfect transmission...

    Did it come with the report of your old tranny?
  9. My perfect Ranger with an imperfect transmission...

    You’d think Ford would update the transmission profile considering all of the complaints.
  10. Bad mpg after tune and bolt on

    Off the bat, something looks wrong. What were the bolt on mods? What kind of tune? And most of all, how many miles did you drive for that average? What kind of driving did you do? I can fill up, reset my trip computer, and drive 40 miles up the mauna and average 6 mpg. But my lifetime average is...
  11. I'm getting my transmission rebuilt or replaced

    Most of my driving is done in S mode now. It makes a huge difference in both slow and fast driving situations.
  12. Off topic, but what do you think of the new Vintage Broncos?

    No leaks yet! But There are all kinds of rattles! 🤣
  13. Off topic, but what do you think of the new Vintage Broncos?

    Santa got me a 4-dr… 🤣 wasn’t a huge fan of the new one but the rc looks cool!
  14. Ford Maverick Outsells Ford Ranger In 2022

    And there you go… Ford proved that Americans want either a Full-Sized truck or a compact truck. No need to release the new mid-sized Ranger if no one will buy the old one 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  15. Damage

    Maybe having a mirror shine ain’t such a good idea afterall!
  16. Gas Prices Are Still Dropping With No Signs Of Stopping.

    Gas in my area hasn’t gone down at all for several weeks… it never went below $5….
  17. Cool Tremor T-shirt! Not a scammer.

    Too bad it didn’t just say RANGER….
  18. Which Topper Should I Get?

    I think you made the right choice! The RSI has been the best purchase for my Ranger!
  19. DashCams, OBD and Parking Mode

    There is a setting in the thinkware app to darken it too- i think there are 3 different setting. I was messing with it a bit because the headlights were washing out the license plate numbers at night.
  20. First Azure Gray Ranger Delivery!

    Let us see some more glamour shots (of the Truck)! Full frontal and side shots!