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  1. The Dreaded Wrench Light Came On.

    Body control code could be unrelated as those linger without setting check lights. Check your charge pipe connections and trace all the intake pipes for anything obvious.
  2. The Dreaded Wrench Light Came On.

    The wrench light on earlier ford pcm strategies was tied to torque management. Specifically the drive by wire throttle control. Not sure if the same applies today as I haven't dabbled in yhe current generation of pcm's. Common checks were the throttle valve sticking due to carbon buildup and...
  3. Threw in the towel on my Ranger

    Our Rangers use plastic sway bar end links.
  4. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! My truck is in PRODUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice WRX you got there. Sorry to break topic, but gotta ask what kind of mpg's or smiles per gallon you are getting with the Subi.
  5. Curse Me For A Fool Livernois Tuner

    It happens. You go in for a oil change and tire rotation and when they scan your vin they see potentially Ford has released an update that would make your driving experience better. They update it and let you know when you pick it up they did you a favor. Once you are out of warranty...
  6. Ford CEO Finally Confirms New "Agency Model"

    Ok, I watched the video. All I took away from that is Ford wants to ensure that they control who profits most off the vehicle sale. I also see the the article as deflecting from the larger supply chain issues at play and trying to lay the blame solely on the dealer network. At best, supply...
  7. Ford CEO Finally Confirms New "Agency Model"

    Also, I'd need more details on how the trades are handled. At some point an appraiser with skin in the game has to evaluate your trade. I'd basically need to see the end to end process detailed out before I'll comment further on the proposed new sales approach.
  8. Ford CEO Finally Confirms New "Agency Model"

    In my humble opinion, until the supply chain aspect rights itself, it doesn't matter what their sales model is.
  9. Ford CEO Finally Confirms New "Agency Model"

    My local small town dealers never did the markup game. If Ford still peddling 60k+ f150 xlt's, I'm out regardless of the sales experience.
  10. Colorado bent frame

    That crumple zone is strategically placed for safety though. I haven't looked at my Ranger to see if it has a similar crumple zone where my former Colorado ZR2 had one.
  11. Trailer Upgrades (Wet Bolts/CRE3000)

    Nice upgrade! You are correct that the plastic bushings just don't last that long.
  12. Curse Me For A Fool Livernois Tuner

    Probably have to tag them so they get an alert. @Livernois Motorsports
  13. Curse Me For A Fool Livernois Tuner

    When you say you updated the tuner with the latest, what all did you update? Latest revision from Livernois or the firmware on the handheld tuner device itself? Just curious.
  14. Threw in the towel on my Ranger

    I've been shopping between a Bronco and a Wrangler Rubicon lately. The desire for a manual transmission is taking its toll on me, but have often wondered about the 2.0l with auto. Curious what mpg difference you see between the Ranger and the Jeep. Apples and oranges from a vehicle...
  15. Another transmission thread (yay)

    Not to jinx it, but my transmission has shifted pretty smoothly for what it is and I'm close to 15k miles now. I almost always just put it in drive and just go. This past weekend, I decided to go explore the mountains for a few hours and used sport mode and manually shifted for a while to...
  16. What color tailgate letters would look best on cactus grey?

    I vote no letters. Don't want to overwhelm the tailgate damper.
  17. 10R80 transmission “stuck” between gears

    I haven't looked at the oil cooler closely, but if has engine coolant as part of that cooling system, the transmission fluid will generally match engine temp. The Colorado ZR2 I had before the Ranger had an independent transmission cooler with no engine coolant as part of that system and my...
  18. "Knocking" noise on front passenger side

    May sound odd, but is your windshield washer reservoir full? If not, fill it all the way to the top and see if the noise goes away. If mine is not completely full, it makes what sound like knocking noises on bumps as the washer fluid sloshes in the reservoir.
  19. Transmission Woes

    If they changed out the valve body electronics, your tune strategy may have changed from your original.
  20. 10R80 transmission “stuck” between gears

    That is in proper hot range. Technically overfilled about a quart if that was checked cold.