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  1. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Yes I'm shopping for 4 more things to fill it up!😉👍
  2. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Mounted a auxiliary fuse box to run add ons like my transfer pump and dash cam. Was able to mount it facing the dash fuse box so it is easy to access. This one is hot for anything that requires constant power. Has a cover that snaps on.
  3. Well…I Sold Out

    Never had a Nissan truck but my buddy had one in high school and we rode it hard. Not super powerful Back then but it was durable. Wife has had 2 cars (Juke and current Rogue) and they have had zero problems. Congrats!
  4. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    When I was getting my private license in the 70's my first instructor was Helen. Remarkable lady and had an impressive list of planes she flew. I never really considered that women had any limitations in their abilities.
  5. More problems with 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat

    41 months past in-service date is the limit for Ford extended warranty to be added.
  6. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    I got these that look similar. APS Pocket Steps Running Boards Side Bars Compatible with Ford Ranger 2019-2023 SuperCrew Cab 4-Door
  7. Ford CEO Finally Confirms New "Agency Model"

    I was wondering the same about trade- ins, will Ford set up a similar group to Carvana and make the dealer accept them?
  8. Ford CEO Finally Confirms New "Agency Model"

    Yeah I was wondering because I saw one in Southlake.
  9. Ford CEO Finally Confirms New "Agency Model"

    NM has the same law. But Tesla put their stores on the reservation, passed one last weekend. I'm waiting for the reservations to start registering cars to pull revenue from the state.
  10. Colorado bent frame

    "After going through a dip and bouncing back" I am guessing this is the understatement of the year
  11. Curse Me For A Fool Livernois Tuner

    I wouldn't say it's time to panic but as we have seen with other suppliers, a great product does not make up for gaps in support.
  12. Curse Me For A Fool Livernois Tuner

    That is very troubling that they are unable to solve this for you. Out of warranty does not matter, device is clearly unusable. I had been putting together an order for this but will wait to see if they stand behind the product @Livernois Motorsports
  13. Painted fender vents

    That looks awesome, do those pull straight off?
  14. E Bikes exploding

    I think you're projecting, I'm not sneaking up on them I give lots of notice, if they feel the need to take both lanes they need more situational awareness. This is a public path which is easy if you realize you are not the only person using it. I give that courtesy and hope to get it, but they...
  15. E Bikes exploding

    If they can't handle "on your left" then they should stay home. Since they are riding side by side I have to slow to their speed before they get out of the way. The more they pay for their bikes and tour de France outfits the bigger a**es they are. I have ridden road and mountain bikes for...
  16. Ranger keeping up with jeep srt8

    There is a cool show called Idris Elba- King of speed that shows some street racers in Detroit where the cops are supporters. Lots of empty streets there to race on.
  17. E Bikes exploding

    Yeah, on your left, then ring ring, then the air horn.
  18. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Received a replacement dash cam due to prior being too dim. This one works great and gives full view unlike the standard mirror. No more blind spots.
  19. E Bikes exploding

    I ride my ebike on paved city bike paths and get all kinds of nasty comments from the overly tight pants crowd. There is a great deal of envy. They think they are in great shape and can block both lanes riding side by side. They have move when I need to pass (to tandem like they are supposed to...