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  1. New Tremor Member from the Great White North

    HI all, After much waiting, almost 6 months, I finally got the truck!! It's a 2021 XLT Tremor in Cactus Grey. Love the truck and getting some mods install on the 20th first day when it's not -40 or snowing like crazy lol. In the meantime we got a ton of snow and it was a blast. Bonus pic...
  2. BackRack installation

    Hi, I have a ranger tremor on order and I'm planning on installing a BackRack with the tonneau cover adapter kit 50XXX once the truck gets here in 3 months or so. Has anyone installed a BackRack? And if so can you take some picture to show how it's bolted to the truck? Thank you very much
  3. Tremor XLT Floormat

    Hi, Would it be possible for someone to take pictures of their XLT tremor floormats? I'm trying to figure out if they are rubber or carpet and how well they cover the floor. None of the dealer's around me have any in stock for me to check. Thanks in advance.