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  1. Treasure Valley- Idaho

    I'd be interested too. Drove through the area a few times. never stopped for any activities.
  2. Kill switch in 2026?

    I Trust the guys at Forscan will hook us up if this happens.
  3. New guy here

    Welcome to the forums. Come for the tech info, stay for the laughs.:party:
  4. Newby to Ford and Ranger

    Welcome to the forums!
  5. Tesla Model S 'Spontaneously' Catches Fire, Requires 6,000 Gallons Of Water To Extinguish

    I would imagine that lithium, much like other metal fires (magnesium, titanium) can't be put out with water. I'm pretty sure water makes the fire worse!
  6. New Ranger Tremor Owner

    Welcome to the forums!
  7. Gas Prices Are Still Dropping With No Signs Of Stopping.

    That seals the deal!! I was looking at retiring in AZ, but not with these egg prices!! local Safeway in WA has the lucerne dozen for $2.99 and the 18 pack for $4.39. :crackup: All jokes aside, I guess eggs have to get trucked in from another state? Looks like Lucerne is HQ'd in ID and parent...
  8. I acquired a new Ranger recently

    Welcome to the forums!
  9. Off-roading order of operations

    some opinions from an off-roading enthusiast of moderate skill. :) A term I picked up for my time in the military is "exercising" our equipment. meaning, using all features or our equipment regularly to make sure it works when we need it. I try to get out on the back roads about once a month...
  10. Ecoboost, coolant in cylinders 2 or 3

    I thought we all agreed it has a low front end. :LOL:
  11. Sticking around for a few more years…

    That's how you know you have a keeper! :like:
  12. Dashboard Leak Anybody?

    Sorry to see you have the leak on your new truck. If you had a good salesman, he might direct it to the service dept. You might need to contact the service dept yourself if you don't get a reply quickly. Hope it gets resolved soon!
  13. Proud new Ford Owner and Forum member. 😁

    Welcome to the forums! the lighting really brings out the blue in your pics. very nice.
  14. First Azure Gray Ranger Delivery!

    I think it's actually 182.88 Centimeters. :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  15. Were 2019 Rangers Built Better?

    Welcome to the Forums! It wouldn't suprise me if the pre plandemic trucks were a little more reliable. Search the list of deleted items on this forum and you'll probably be glad to have picked up a 19.
  16. Were 2019 Rangers Built Better?

    That Scamp is like the Dr. Who telephone booth. a lot bigger on the inside than the outside.🤣🤣🤣
  17. Not a Ranger, but dealer pricing games info.

    Harley dealers do this too. my buddy got a call about a year ago with an offer he couldn't refuse until he got to the dealer and they offered about $5000 less without looking at the bike he just rode in on. I'm guessing they think they can hook you once you show up but it probably does the...
  18. 20 years Retired.

    Congrats Phil. So you were Head of Ranger Vehicle Engineering when I bought my 1st new vehicle. 1998 Ford Ranger 4.0 liter with a 5 speed manual . That was a VERY zippy little truck. well built and well designed! Job well done!!
  19. Not a Ranger, but dealer pricing games info.

    I've seen a website that lists a lot of dealerships that don't charge ADMs. Can't find it right now but might be a helpful tool if anyone can link to it.
  20. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Phil & Margie & Tito

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all.