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  1. Just installed the Ford Performance Tune...

    ...and wow this really wakes the truck up! So I had this installed by the dealer. Does this mean I can run other 3rd party tunes.... and if something happens I can just reprogram to the Ford tune and still maintain my warranty? Asking for a friend.
  2. New bronco with 35s from factory…. No crash bars

    They have a new bronco at my Ford dealer. Cool truck by the way. Anyway I though this was interesting… it had 35s from the factory…. And deleted crash bars.
  3. Official Ford Next Gen Range Video

    I want it.
  4. Water fording depth

    I'm heading out to Big Cypress next weekend - and there are definitely times on the trail where water can get a little deep. Whats the max depth when taking it easy I should be able to cross with this thing? Truck isnt lifted.
  5. Wiring in to engine bay fuse block?

    Ok I think I probably already know the answer to this... but hopefully not. I need to wire a trigger wire from a relay controller under the hood. The engine bay fuse block is fully sealed - and it doesnt look like theres a good way to tap a fuse in there. Am I missing something? Is best...
  6. Softopper/Bestop bed rack solutions?

    Hey all - I KNOW I've seen something about this somewhere.... but what's the best solution for putting a rack over a canvas canopy? Is there anything off the shelf?
  7. Brackets for rear bumper aux lights?

    Does anyone make some solid brackets for mounting some auxiliary reverse lights up to the underside of the rear bumper? Not having much luck finding something….
  8. Trigger Six Shooter Light Control

    What's everyones thoughts on this distribution block? Are there any good ways to integrate that switch block cleanly in a Ranger cab? Are there better options than this out there that work without having to pass wires through the...
  9. Anyone have Ford or Livernois tunes on sale this weekend?

    Looking to grab a tuner and figured this weekend may be a good chance to get a deal. Anyone know of any sales?
  10. What happens to sport mode with the Ford Performance tune?

    Subject pretty much says it all..... does it still change the throttle and transmission mapping to make it more aggressive?
  11. The 2023(4?) Ranger Raptor

    Who's as hyped as me for this thing? The question is... Twin Turbo or PHEV? Its gotta be the twin turbo, right?
  12. What’s this airbag light mean?

    Just lit up this morning.....
  13. How often should the fuel pump prime itself when the truck is just sitting there?

    ....because I’ve heard it make that little clickwhrrrr sound about 5 times in the last hour while working out in the garage. there’s no way that’s normal right? What’s going on here?
  14. Livernois vs Ford Performance tune...

    What are the pros and cons to these two? It’s tough to get past the Ford endorsed tune not messing with your warranty.... Does the Ford tune require you to always have the box plugged in?
  15. White Raptor Lights

    So I decided to go with the white instead of yellow LED grill lights - if only because it seemed I couldn't find photos of any with the white lights anywhere and I like being a little different. By the way, Stage3 and CAE are great. I ended up with a bunk writing harness and they had a...
  16. Can I repair this raptor light bar harness?

    I just installed the raptor lights in my grill. Went great, except my side marker light wasn’t turning on. No biggy. Probably just a bad connection or wired backwards or something when I went in, I have the cord a VERY minor tug to pull it out of the wheel well, And the entire harness...
  17. Carrying a mountain bike off road - best solutions?

    I'd like to carry a couple of bikes with me off road, but also keep the tonneau cover on to keep dust off of cargo. It doesnt seem like any hitch mounted options are really meant for off-road use. Whats the best way to do this?
  18. Anyone running dual dampers?

    Been thinking about making the jump. Figure it would take some strain off the single damper, and also provide a MUCH NEEDED failsafe in the unlikely event that a single damper fails... which I think we all agree could end up in a dangerous or potentially catastrophic situation. I know I cant...
  19. 20 hour brisket I just made...

    Look. This thing came out pretty freaking good and I just have to share it with some people. I gave some to the neighbors. I'm gonna give you guys a couple pictures.