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  1. seat foam failure, drivers side

    Dang. I already told my wife if this doesn't work, I'm trading it in for an F150 lol
  2. seat foam failure, drivers side

    I looked everything over an couldn't find anything obviously wrong. It goes into the dealer next Thursday. The service writer said the tech just has to confirm what I'm feeling, take a couple pictures for Ford warranty, and figure out what parts to order. Apparently goes pretty quick, said I...
  3. seat foam failure, drivers side

    I've already worked that out with my Chiropractor lol I don't notice it in other vehicles, just my truck.
  4. seat foam failure, drivers side

    I was reading through this to see who's had problems with the drivers foam on their trucks. I'm making an appointment to take mine in. It feels like the pad is either low on the left side or high on the right side making it uncomfortable for anything more than 10 minutes. Feels like the right...
  5. My new Ranger

    Congrats! New truck looks great!
  6. Alex's Velocity Blue FX4

    Not much to add to add other than i picked up a Mishimoto catch can that I need to install this weekend.
  7. Tremor is Home/Dog Agrees/Wait for Bronco Continues

    Great looking truck! Enjoy! Still haven't seen many around here in that color. Post up a picture when the canopy comes. Been curious what that color would look like with one.
  8. 2023 Ranger 6G globally revealed!

    I think it looks alright. Headlight design looks more effective. Mostly what I care about is what they did about the ergonomics (the arms rests in the current truck are terrible, along with other things). Perspective always changes once you can actually sit in and drive one.
  9. Steering Wheel and Auto Start

    I noticed that too when my truck was new. The start/stop doesn't bother me anymore, but every once in a while it'll turn the engine off while I'm still rolling (above 0, but below 3mph as noted above)
  10. Black Friday Deals @ Stage3

    I'm interested in getting a Mishimoto catch can kit. Any chance that brand will be on sale this week?
  11. Service Manual

    I'd like a copy please, and thanks! Side note - I purchased a Ford wiring diagram for the 2021, so if there's anything specific you guys need, let me know.
  12. 2010 Ranger on Carmax (only 10k miles) $30,998

    There seems to be a lot of interior pieces that show a lot of wear (steering wheel, seat stains, etc) for only 10k miles, but it could be true. Rare find.
  13. single cab Ranger project

    Awesome! Nice work!
  14. Preserving that pristine factory paint job

    So Shiny ? I wish I could keep mine looking nice. Only had it 9 months and the kids and the parking lots have already left their marks.
  15. Why is my MPG so "poor"?

    I average a pretty consistent 25mpg for my daily 80 mile commute. I rarely turn off the auto start/stop (unless in heavy traffic). Maybe that's the difference?
  16. Regarding my Ranger on order...

    When I ordered my Ranger, Factory rebate was $500. When it showed up, the rebate had bumped to $750 and the dealer gave that one to me.
  17. Regarding my Ranger on order...

    Hopefully the price change is minimal. I posted an order guide a couple weeks ago. You can look it over to see if any of your previously picked options are changing.
  18. Alex's Velocity Blue FX4

    Did a little wiring clean up. Finally mounted my brake controller knob using the Redarc adapter in one of the outlet holes. Looks clean and easy to reach. Also, wiring in the A Pillar lights was a challenge. I was originally using the Ford Install Guide as my reference. It appeared to show...
  19. Topper shell with roof tent?

    ARE has an addition structure that can be added inside of canopies to support the weight of a roof top tent. You'll probably have to talk to a canopy dealer to get the right options added. TrailRecon had one on his truck. Starts talking about it about the 6:15 mark