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  1. How many points to get performance pack?

    Have the Ford visa and wanted to know if anyone knew how many points it is to be able to cover the cost of the performance pack?
  2. Found scratch this morning - how to fix?

    So will say that I wasn’t happy about this and am not sure of the best way to fix it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Apologies on the 90 degree counterclockwise rotation.
  3. Charlotte Home Depot - Was this you?

    I was so excited as I saw another blue Ranger in the lot parked away from the other clowns. I went and parked next to them, nose out, and lemme say their truck was very nice. They’re on the right with the blue tow hooks (and the sweet exhaust)
  4. Adding Auto-Sense Wipers

    I have an XLT with 302A and the technology package. One thing I wish I had was rain sensing wipers. Is it possible to add these? Is it a module? Just a Forscan setting? (Not optimistic on the latter) Thanks! Mark
  5. Which side marker LEDs did you install?

    I found these on Amazon but if there are better ones, I’d rather do that and not risk running into issues. Have thought about just swapping the bulb for an LED too so if that option appeals to you, weigh in! VIPMOTOZ Side Marker Lights
  6. Anyone installed JL Audio C2-650 or Alpine R-S65

    Specifically: JL Audio ====== Front: JL Audio C2-650 Rear: JL Audio C2-650X or Alpine ===== Front: Alpine R-S65C.2 Rear: Alpine R-S65.2 If so, how'd it go, did you use a sub, what amp, etc.?
  7. Need your opinion on tailgate letter colors

    I have a 2020 Lightning Blue Ranger with magnetic trim. It has been too cold to put letters in (thankfully in this case). Due to my indecisiveness, I bought both magnetic (graphite) and black letters. My question is which looks better? If you have pics, I’d love to see them. Also am putting...
  8. What octane fuel/petrol do you use?

    I have 93 available here and have made it a practice to use premium whenever boost is present. Does it matter that much? I think it does but wondered what everyone else thought and what octane they went with on the 2.3L EcoBoost.
  9. Removal of FX2 (same as FX4) sticker

    What’s the best way to go about removing the FX2 sticker? I like the cleaner look to be honest and pulling that off seems like it wouldn’t be too difficult...I hope.
  10. Blue. I added a toolbox and running boards so far

    When it gets back from the dealer, I’ll be adding black letters to the tailgate and the bushwhacker rocker panel things. Love the truck!
  11. Transmission issues - now at dealer

    So have had a couple of errors beyond the wrench icon/general powetrain warning: 1) The clutches message (attached). 2) Solenoids message (attached) anyone else seen this? Do y’all know the cause and/or the outcome? Also it has failed to go into gear at a stop and acting like it is in...