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  1. US official warns of risks posed by heavy electric vehicles

    hmmm if this would become a problem I bet they would add software to force 20 feet gaps(or something like that) to disperse the weight. Which would of course cause other problems I'm sure...
  2. Overall FORD Quality

    Not much to say about my 2019 for complaints. The one thing I'm scared of is the Hvac system messing up. From what I've heard its an instant 2k bill. Im a bit mad that Ford seems to be turning their heads on this issue.
  3. Shocks and Struct labor cost

    I paid about 700$ for Ford to install my Fox 2.0 suspension if I remember right.
  4. Ford performance oil air separator

    Catch cans are a total waste of money. If they did anything to make an engine last longer, every major car manufacturer would have them stock. If you are truly that paranoid that your brand new engine needs a catch can, then look into walnut blasting your internals. That is an actual proven...
  5. Ford performance oil air separator

    Why don't all major car manufactures have them?.... Ill wait. And don't tell me its cost savings, as their marketing team would spin up the commercial of "longer lasting" in a second if they did anything LOL
  6. Were 2019 Rangers Built Better?

    Almost certainly. I will never buy a covid car 20-22 in my entire life. If you have worked in a manufacuring environment these past couple years I promise you would agree.
  7. Shelf life of coolant and brake fluid

    Brake fluid~2 years Coolant-Indefinite
  8. Lets talk tires... and weight

    Nitto has somthing called the Nomad Grappler which is sounds like it fits your needs.
  9. New Rims

    I do not like those.
  10. New (aftermarket) Engine Covers

    The "dreaded drip through" give me a break! Ive had mine for 3 years now, never has it seen the inside of a garage. It's been rained on, snow and hail countless times. Never once have I had an issue, nor the vast majority of users.
  11. Shelby Ranger

    Might not be a real "Shelby" but I like it
  12. Wireless CarPlay dongles?

    I use Waze with apple car play and it works fine?
  13. Anyone seen something like this? Regarding airbag recall

    Solved: There was another paper that I didn’t see until a minute ago that fell by the door. A previous person that lived here had a Ford Fusion that has the recall lol
  14. Anyone seen something like this? Regarding airbag recall

    Yeah figured it was a scam. Doesn’t even have a call number on it, pretty low effort
  15. Goodbye Ranger

    (25) Towing with my Ford Lightning EV Pickup was a TOTAL DISASTER! - YouTube
  16. Goodbye Ranger

    Yes and also about 3 times the cost too huh? What a silly comparison... When that Rivian runs out of power 30 miles from a charging station Ill be sure to give them a tow...
  17. Goodbye Ranger

    Id never get caught dead looking like an absolute dweeb sitting at a charger for 45 minutes. I just don't have that time to waste.... Kudos if you do!
  18. Goodbye Ranger

    A Tesla? Have fun wasting your time at the chargers LOL
  19. Oil change

    I do mine when the computer tells me im at 20%. Doing it every 3,000 miles is a waste of money. The operator's manual recommends 10k, so to be honest even every 5,000 miles should be much more than OK.