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  1. Magnum PI fans

    Any of us older guys will remember Magnum PI. TC (Roger E Mosley) the helicopter pilot was apparently killed in a car crash. I remember watching the show as a kid
  2. Who would punch it and go?

    anyone else think the Bronco driver on the other side is saying "gimme some room, I can make it through"
  3. is it a Mod, or is it an Accessory?

    whats your take on classification of Mods, vs Accessories. for example are wheels mods? or are they like earrings? My opinion, and the mileage varies, and engine cover, not a mod, a CAI is a mod A rear seat delete is a mod, seat covers, not a mod. After market drop in LED bulbs not a mod...
  4. dammit...

  5. Ford Mobile Service

    Anyone else have this offered in their area? I see my local dealer is now advertising it.
  6. recall notices from old vehicles.

    Anyone else still get recalls for old vehicles they owned? I had the 2013 escape. It got written off in 2015. I got a recall in the mail today. It hasn't been on my Ford owners website or on my account manager site since then. I'm assuming i get the recalls for nostalgia sake....and likely...
  7. The Whitakers....from West Virginia

    ok, I'm deeply disturbed. I stumbled across this while surfing Facebook videos, and have no idea why it popped up. but i clicked it, watched it, got drawn in to watch more. Anyone else....uh...heard of them??? Is this common? I'm not going to post a link, ya'll can google it yourselves.
  8. Muskoka Rally 2022

    saw this on my facebook feed and thought i would share to the ontario and area folks
  9. who is Ivan?

    so Ivan is missing for the most part. Last seen, june 5, and has no posts at all since he came to the forum on Aug10/20 Not like I'm worried at all, but I have a curious question: top right corner, Moderator tools "Force users to read all threads again" What happens if i click it?? I dont...
  10. Shipping damage

    Imagine you're waiting for your new F150....
  11. got some towing competition:
  12. Flat black vinyl wrap

    Not my thing, but they/them should black out the wheels too
  13. sorry I was away

    Looks like i missed alot of the same old same....thought for sure i would come back to some special threads and topics I had a tragedy to deal with and had no time to come visit my friends and enemies. for once, this place was at the bottom of my list of things to see and do. Life took precedence.
  14. Love it, the MegaBronc
  15. rolled and ordered

    thats how ya do it right
  16. Happy Mothers Day

    I know we have some wonderful ladies as members, and I assume they are some of the best Moms out there. Happy Mothers Day to you all. (and to stay inclusive and supportive of all members, Happy Mothers Day to the Damper owners as well)
  17. Brakes/Trailer connect/Crosstraffic

    So heres a good one for the electrical wizard. I am sure its a wet connector, but which one? perhaps the 1st correct answer should win the lucky poster a free 303 performance package and Damper enhancement from Dave??? Dave and I will be banned from partaking in this raffle. Truck started...