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  1. Those with blend door/bad heater assembly issues, what year is your Ranger?

    Title says it all. Trying to narrow down the issue if that's possible.
  2. Are deer whistles worth a damn?

    I had the simple non-electronic whistles years ago and I hit a deer with them on the car. I'm wondering if the electronic ones are any better if anyone uses them. They range from $18 to $300. 🤷‍♂️
  3. AdvanceTrac off by default?

    Anyone know if there is a way to have the nannies off by default instead of having to do a long press every time I start the truck? Mainly to save my rear brakes and take better advantage of my tune. Years ago a company made a module that did this for my Firebird and I think 5 star can do but I...
  4. Today in "What are the rednecks in Missouri doing"

    :LOL: :crazy:
  5. Anyone do a tune AND an extended warranty?

    Is it a stupid idea? My plan is to get the "near-cost" Grainger 8 year warranty which is really priced right but I still want to get the Livernois tune. I figure I'll be covered for stuff like blend door and most expensive repairs as long as the engine stays solid. I dunno maybe I can pull a...
  6. Heat crack on windshield!

    I parked my truck outside to wash it and by the time I was done I had a crack on the windshield! What are my chances of getting this fixed under warranty? The truck is always garaged and if it isn't I always open a window in this heat. I guess my windshield can't handle having the windows up for...
  7. Free Sirius for a week

    Actually started on the 26th but I rarely look at my Fordpass app.
  8. Hail Damage

    Anyone in MO or Midwest area ever get hail damage? I got caught in a bad storm a few days ago and I thought for sure my windshield was going to crack. The roof was pounding like crazy. Turns out I made it out without a scratch somehow. Tough truck and good tempered glass. I suppose the only...
  9. Blew out my bump stops?

    When I did my BDS shackles I noticed holes in my bump stops. The heaviest hauling I ever did was a bed full of firewood up to the rails, but I checked and didn't see any sag at that time. Weird thing unless maybe mice chewed these up and that's how they got into the cubby hole with the jack...
  10. I think search is messed up

    lol Using old search terms I get no results. I used the drop down but advanced doesn't seem to work either. I think it's only parsing results from today.
  11. What is the electrical noise the Ranger keeps making when it's off?

    I couldn't find anything about this but I'm not sure what the search term would be. The truck makes electrical-ish adjustment noises when it's off. Usually five minutes after shutting it off. I was in the garage today and the truck made the noise twice...and I hadn't started it since...
  12. Is everyone else's insurance skyrocketing too?

    I know it's inflation. I just wonder how across the board it is. I live in the middle of nowhere and even last year I was told "rates have gone up in your area". Going to shop around again but usually it's no better at other companies. Or change my deductible and then change it back after I get...
  13. Foglight bulbs - White Vs Yellow

    I'm going to upgrade my front lights to Auxitos. What would yall do for foglights? The white leds (same as low beams) look good but the yellow fogs probably work better in the snow. How much better? It seems more people in the LED bulb thread went with white.
  14. Paint Protection Panel

    Any recommendations for small paint protection panels? I'm aware some have half the truck done for $700-1600, but I'm more interested in expanding on the small rocker panel as mine has quickly gone past the point of touching up. I just want to slap a square on here. This seems to be a decent one.
  15. Unbelievable that Fords went out like this

    Did my seatbelt test today and I was floored by the last test in this video. Apparently Ford sold trucks with silly putty for seatbelt anchors. Hope everyone checks their seatbelts. Edit: Apparently the issue was the seatbelt is supposed to be routed through that...
  16. In FORScan do you modify the AS Built Module or the Plain one?

    I got my FORScan set up and already made a bunch of changes, probably all the ones I will need to make. In the video tutorial I watched the guy modifies both "As Built" and regular modules without distinction. Is there any preference? I modified only the plain one because I figured the AS Built...
  17. Wear from start and stops

    All I do with my Ranger these days is back it out of my garage and pull it back in later. How much wear on the engine does this cause? I don't let the truck warm up because I figure that will just cause more condensation in the oil. Start the truck, back it out of the garage (I use the space...
  18. Cabin Air Filters with Auto AC

    I have the auto button on my AC but the only cabin air filters I'm finding say "Without Auto AC". Case in point. Are they all the same?
  19. A way to scroll all for sale threads at once?

    Rather than poke through every individual sub-category, member and vendor for sale threads, is there a way to just scroll through all the posts from new to old?
  20. Dealer installed bilsteins at lowest perch

    Long story short, I brought the truck in have my Bilsteins installed. Told them to set at highest setting. I got it back and it didn't seem higher at all. So I just looked and they are set at stock height. I'm going to call tomorrow but my question is can that perch be moved up easily? Or does...