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  1. Rock Sliders

    I have wheeled with them but haven’t hit them hard enough to where I’ve sat on top of them. I remain really satisfied with the setup.
  2. 2019-2021 Ford Ranger ARB Summit Bumper Kit

    Love mine. Have the side rails as well.
  3. Show me your Topper!

    Off topic, but what flares are those?
  4. Ford Maverick Pickup Officially Revealed: $20k MSRP, 40MPG, Hybrid Standard

    Don't like the front end but I love what Ford is doing and the direction they're taking the company. Hopefully some of these features will transfer over to the new Ranger. The maverick would be a great commuter truck or DD.
  5. VIDEO(s) - The Explore Series: Arizona, Utah and New Mexico

    Looks amazing! I’ll need to add these falls to the bucket list. Hope you enjoy the rest of the vids!
  6. VIDEO(s) - The Explore Series: Arizona, Utah and New Mexico

    Episode 6: Episode 7: Episode 8: Episode 9 (final):
  7. Tremor vs. FX4 build

    I'd go Tremor to have more under warranty. I think they look fantastic and the added features and upgrades are nicely done. That Cactus Grey or Black Tremor look so good!
  8. VIDEO(s) - The Explore Series: Arizona, Utah and New Mexico

    6,358 miles of travel in three weeks to the back country of AZ>UT>NM. Traveled with a really good buddy of mine. Five episodes have been uploaded to my YouTube page and I estimate another five episodes are to come. Hope you enjoy watching just as much as I enjoyed living the experience...
  9. 2021 West Coast Trip: AZ, UT, NM

    Valley of the Gods, Lake Powell, Gila National Forest
  10. 2021 West Coast Trip: AZ, UT, NM

    No captions, just pics. Will post incrementally. Three weeks of backcountry camping.
  11. Show me your Topper!

    A.R.E. CX Revo
  12. Virginia SuperCrew OEM Running Boards

    No, sorry man. Sold about 10 days ago. You are reminding me I need to update the posting.
  13. Virginia SuperCrew OEM Running Boards

    Hi, they sure are.
  14. Base Ford Maverick Spied (Video & Pics)!

    I heard Ford and VW teamed up to redesign the Ranger for the Australian / International market. I think we might see two different versions for the next gen. But agree, if the maverick is any precursor to the next gen US Ranger, count me out.
  15. Base Ford Maverick Spied (Video & Pics)!

    Someone help us if those lights make it to the new Ranger
  16. Who blacked out tail lights???

    I wish the red was a bit more toned down. Thanks! Took it to a local tint shop. I can’t remember the film they used.
  17. Who blacked out tail lights???

    I tinted mine. Had to take it off to pass VA safety inspection. Thinking about putting it back on but I'm hoping someone comes out with a rear tail light upgrade.
  18. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Looks great!