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  1. Equifax Settlement

    Hi Folks, A Looooong time ago I submitted my costs for having to change passwords etc thanks to Equifax Data Breach. Yesterday's mail arrived and I got a check from the Settlement fund for $198. Unfortunately the Ranger knew about this as I used it to pick up the mail from the UPS store and it...
  2. Damage

    Watch to the end.... best, Phil
  3. My First Motorhome

    Best, Phil
  4. Quick Lane Oil Change.....Not

    Hi Folks, Well....what a joke...Quick Lane... I guess 4 hours is quick to our local dealer. I had to schedule a month out to get an oil change. I cringed as I do my own work, but this great (otherwise) extended warranty requires a "professional" business changes the oil. CRAP! So I...
  5. Fiesta Pickup 1978

    From my Retiree Newsletter..... Blast from the past.... Fiesta Concept Pickup Turns Car into ‘Fantasy’ Vehicle Dec-01-2022...
  6. 20 years Retired.

    Hi Folks, Today I achieved 20 years in retirement from Ford Motor Co. 2/3 of my Ford career...last 5 were Head of Ranger Vehicle Engineering. December 1 of 2002 I closed the door on my career and started a new adventure called retirement... It has been such an underrated adventure and I...
  7. 5G Ranger Money saving idea

    Hi Folks, There is a common theme over most threads involving mods and their associated cost. So I have ventured into the shop in search of a solution to the money drain. Attached is my 1st prototype. Now being a good Ford Engineer, I realize that there is a development and testing process...
  8. Tuckered Out Tortiose

    UMMM....Did not think Tito's walk was all that far.......ZZZZZZZZZZZZ Best, Phil
  9. two weeks out of the loop, maybe

    Hi folks, in Michigan for two weeks, helping our handicap [email protected] A. Schilke to get my attention. Lots of work Best, Phil
  10. We are Arizona

    We are Arizona❣ 1. We miss lush vegetation. We just don’t admit it. 2. We laugh at your weather reports. 3. In summer, flip-flops are considered formal attire. 4. If something crazy happens somewhere in the U.S., it will inevitably have a tie to Arizona. 5. We can correctly pronounce saguaro...
  11. Evacuate!

    HI Folks, So this is from the front seat of the Ranger..... We are in evacuate mode from a forest fire set by an uncaring camper about 6 miles North of our RV park. We got the evacuate alert on our phones so grabbed what we could and Tito, Margie and I piled into the Ranger and got the hell...
  12. What is wrong with this Battery???

    Hi Folks, I had an experience today on my Diesel Pusher RV before which I have never experienced.. I check the RV frequently for electrical health via several monitors and there have always been Green Lights for normal system functionality. So decided to pull it out and give it a sponge bath...
  13. Ordered this out of curiousity

    Best, Phil
  14. Ford donates 50 Rangers to the Ukraine

    From my retiree newsletter
  15. First Quarter 2022 Financials

    From my Retire Newsletter.... Note the mention of Ranger.... Hi, Ford Team. We just reported Ford’s first-quarter 2022 operating results. There were good things about our performance, and other things that we need to do much better. The press release detailing our results is on...
  16. Not a good outside for Tito.

    Hi Folks, High winds today and when we went to feed Tito outside...he wanted nothing to do with food in the wind gusts to 35mph... So he headed back to inside the house until I brought the plate of kale inside where he ate about half a plate. Here are some pictures of a unhappy tortoise...
  17. Lojack on my Nautilus

    Hi Folks, Been haunting for me for quite some time but my purchase of a 2020 Nautilus was on dealer trade at Team Ford in Las Vegas NV. It came with Lojack installed....I did not want it but it was part of the purchase that I chose not to fight and figured out I would just remove this after I...
  18. Camping

    Margie and I on our first camping trip after marriage in Hawaii in 2005! Best, Phil