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  1. Driver Side Headlight

    Thank you for the legit answer… appreciate it, I went and got 2 new bulbs at Ford and replaced them… happy holidays!
  2. Driver Side Headlight

    $219, but it’s ok… I have Ford Pass Points 🤣😂🤣
  3. Driver Side Headlight

    Wow thanks guys …
  4. Driver Side Headlight

    I just noticed this light is out on standard driving conditions (normal running day lights) … high beam works fine. Does Ford’s dashboard tell you that your headlight is out? Is there any notification or no? Also curious question… are there any wires that control the headlights near the back...
  5. Parking brake boot.....Genuine Pleather

    Nah… looks the exact same … and it was under warranty, so I am very happy!
  6. Let's see those stances!

    Very nice sir.
  7. Let's see those stances!

    Good Lord that second pic looks so good!!!
  8. Parking brake boot.....Genuine Pleather

    Just did the same thing. Dealership was amazing and had no problem fixing it. No rip and looks perfect now.
  9. Griots?

    🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 (still sniffling from the snot on that laugh)
  10. Took Her For A Wash…

    Just thought I’d share a few cool pics I took after the wash …
  11. Griots?

    Ho…dor? 🤣😂🤣
  12. Griots?

    Agree. Love them myself. But here in California they are banned by some shops for their “ingredients” 🙄
  13. Anyone expecting a Roush Ranger or 150?

    Good for him … Tesla the woman wanted. I’m worried lol.
  14. Anyone expecting a Roush Ranger or 150?

    Same one you posted or same one similar to mine lol
  15. Anyone expecting a Roush Ranger or 150?

    Got mine last year. One state over. Seen a few of the Roush F’s … Rangers have been super few
  16. Auto Wipers, Ohhhhhhh

    My Roush doesn’t 😔
  17. Should Farley be fired?

    Out here in San Diego (God I hate it out here) .. the lots are empty but every other car on the road is brand new.
  18. Chemical Guys Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towels, Gold - SALE TODAY

    Thanks … anyone use these ? I’m cheap. I do Costco or Sams Club ones for about half the price and double the quantity lol.