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  1. Tailgate Mod (maverick inspired)

    Can't see any way a Damper would work from that position. All Dampers on New trucks are internal and not like the version we have had to install as an option.
  2. Side vent

    Got a link for these? I need a Lariat version!
  3. Side vent

    Don't change the color!
  4. Issues with Door Handle Open and Locking of my 2019 Ranger lariat.

    Nope! The Fob battery I changed first just in case. It was the REAL Battery. Only the Driver door handle worked to lock and unlock by touch. Afterword all handles worked again. I actually changed it because Auto Stop/Start had stopped working because of the constant charging required by the low...
  5. My auto stop stopped working....automatically !

    It's the Battery. Change it out and it'll work again. Did mine at 3 years and all is well with ASS and another issue that had started because of a low battery.
  6. Issues with Door Handle Open and Locking of my 2019 Ranger lariat.

    Changed the battery and this issue went away!
  7. Check those Tremor Decals

    OCD is a PITA!
  8. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Changed the Battery! Put in a Duralast Platinum 850CCA AGM battery ! Auto Stop/Start and Door handle Lock/unlock functions had stopped working. Now with a nice new battery they're working again! Nearly 3 years and 23,500 miles on the Odometer!
  9. 18,564.2 miles, and throwing-in the towel

    Actually, you FINALLY Smartened up! I put my Damper on when they first came out in March 2019!
  10. Auto Start/Stop doesn't work anymore

    Changed out my battery to a new Duralast Platinum 850CCA AGM battery and after a few miles of "Vehicle Charging" messages on AutoStop/Start info screen the AutoStop/Start started working again! The problem I also had with the Handle lock/unlock disappeared as well! Good thing I'm buying this...
  11. Auto Start/Stop doesn't work anymore

    Yeah, I've been in Florida for 15 years now and have replaced several batteries in my cars. Biggest one is in my Porsche and Wife's MG GLE350. Both the same batteries and 900 CCA AGM weighing 58lbs! Just had my Ranger battery tested and it's fine as is the Charging system. Volt meter tests at...
  12. Auto Start/Stop doesn't work anymore

    Dang! Less than 3 years and battery dying? I'll be checking tomorrow and headed to the dealer! My A/S/S and Handle lock/unlock is acting you! Maybe both from a dying battery?
  13. Issues with Door Handle Open and Locking of my 2019 Ranger lariat.

    So today I noticed I couldn't unlock my Ranger by holding the door handles (except for the Driver Door). I also couldn't Lock it by touching the lock area on any door handle other than the Driver Door. Thought it might be a low battery but no difference when i put in a new battery. Tried it...
  14. Saw this on the road today.

    Sorry, but IMHO its Butt Ugly!
  15. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    33 months for me!
  16. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    Leased mine in Feb 2019. Smile is still here so I'm buying it off the lease when it expires. Figure the NEW Ranger will be available in Late 2022 so I'll see if it's worth trading in for in early 2023.
  17. Ford Sync Changed - Update?

    That USB update was probably the Map data. Not the new sync firmware
  18. Got around to installing my Raptor Lights

    Was a bit of a pain as Had to modify the mounting of these lights. They are for the aftermarket Raptor Grille which is what I have, but I have a very early version and the mounting bracket provided didn't come close to fitting my grille. Cut the brackets off and mounted with 3M Automative tape...
  19. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    21 months and 15,000 miles and STILL smiling, ?
  20. This is HUGE! ?

    Welcome to the CLUB, errr... CULT!