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  1. Running Boards

    The ones that came stock on my 2019 Ranger look exactly like the ones on the accessories site. You could probably get a better deal on the same runners at Genuine Ford Black Painted 5 Inch Angular Side Step Bars For SuperCrew - KB3Z-16450-CC | Levittown Ford ( ...
  2. I'll be facing a dilemma in a few months

    When you say, "annoying quirks," what do you mean? Like many members, I am also considering a Bronco down the line and like to hear "real world" experiences from friends and forum members, which I trust more than the advertisements or click-bait reviews on the web...
  3. Goodbye to all my Ranger friends

    Cool, but I prefer this one: Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightnin' - YouTube
  4. Goodbye to all my Ranger friends

    This is a "shocking" announcement, but the Lightning is a great truck, and I do not blame you a bit! Happy trails, buddy!
  5. Were 2019 Rangers Built Better?

    Looking good, buddy, in fact, looking a lot like my truck! On these comparison shots, it is interesting to see how the new "mid-sized" Rangers are not much smaller than the older "full-sized" 150s!
  6. Were 2019 Rangers Built Better?

    Hard to compare with anything Ford has built since then, but my 2019 Ranger has had no mechanical issues over its first 25,000 miles. So, yeah, we "made a good decision and all"!
  7. Help! Red Squirrel Nests in Ranger

    This exchange reminds me of something my seventh-grade teacher used to say: "Boys, get your minds out of the gutter!" (I confess, I was one of the "gutter-minded" boys...)
  8. Help! Red Squirrel Nests in Ranger

    Who would have thought that red squirrels were Ford guys? Next thing you know, they'll be wanting to join the forum...
  9. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    Hey, Kevan, we will be happy to help you plot your "escape" to a Ranger, but it will cost you (the mods, I mean)...
  10. BringIt Trailgate

    Again, this product is not for me, but maybe these aftermarket products will encourage Ford to get a little more creative with stock tailgates and OEM options for our trucks...
  11. BringIt Trailgate

    At least it automatically raises and closes the tailgate. Now they just have to work out the few remaining bugs so that it will allow the load to climb into the bed, and not punch you in the mouth...
  12. BringIt Trailgate

    I'll pass on this one, but I am glad that aftermarket companies are working on tailgate options. Thanks for posting this!
  13. Hit by a deer @ 65mph

    "Fool for Love"?
  14. Hit by a deer @ 65mph

    Wow, hope everybody is alright (and that the truck can be made alright again at a reasonable price). Just yesterday afternoon, driving back to northern Delaware after a few days down in Maryland, we saw a big buck cut straight across Delaware Route 1, dancing around about ten vehicles, including...
  15. Chrome VS Black: looking for opinions on AlphraRex headlights. Come make fun of my photoshop....

    Count me as a member of the "Old Guys Hate Chrome" Club. I vote for the black!
  16. Spied: 2023 Ranger Raptor Undisguised In Gray 🦖

    This may be my next truck and (I am pushing 70) my last truck!
  17. Good look at the Ranger Raptor

    Great review! Love the truck! But you have to wonder how many of those features will make it to the States. And when? And how much?
  18. Adios

    Happy trails, buddy!
  19. New Rims

    When it comes to rims, stick with stock or go black! (The blue ones look ridiculous, IMHO!)