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  1. Car coasters

    I know JUNAHAA. He's a good guy. Can't understand a word he says though.
  2. CVF Aluminum Intercooler Hot-side + Cold-side Piping Kit Installed

    I really wanna spend my money on all the CVF stuff from the intercooler to the downpipe instead of a $1100 Ford ESP. If my blend door breaks I'll just suit up like Costanza.
  3. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Nice, I've seen the non tri-lug model dropping in price and starting thinking about it. Franklin Armory makes a binary trigger too. The tri-lug is almost twice the price lol.
  4. FORScan Crowdsourced Wiki

    Anyone know why the Auto Start Stop is in two locations? I disabled it in BCM but also today in IPC since the disabled indicator stopped appearing. Edit: I guess IPC is the indicator only?
  5. Mice!!

    Nice, I just put some hardware cloth there and on the airbox intake while I was at it. Although I just ziptied it around the center support there.
  6. Boosting energy due to DST?

    Real vitamin talk going down at Ranger5G
  7. Help! Red Squirrel Nests in Ranger

    When this is the case might as well turn him into fertilizer!
  8. Boosting energy due to DST?

    Is that part of a normal blood test? I had one recently but all they said was "all good" and I have to go back to get the results. The D3 It was a holdover from the covid days and since I found out half the US population is deficient in it and the higher dosages help the immune system I just...
  9. Boosting energy due to DST?

    Yeah that has happened to me too. I just try to wear myself out but I think the sleeping problems go hand in hand with getting older. I used to sleep 9 hours no prob and now my body doesn't want it unless I drink too much lol. I set the heat down to 62 at night and that helps me sleep too. Some...
  10. Boosting energy due to DST?

    What's wrong with going to bed at 8pm? Getting up super early means I have my coffee, read the news and still my workout and breakfast is done by 8am. That schedule gives me way more energy for the day too. I agree with Techcargt extra D3 vitamins probably help too. I pop 3-4 of them a day now.
  11. Paint chips on lower front doors

    Old thread but anyway I called Line-X. $900 for a black stripe along the lower front doors and rear rockers. They will color match for my paint code for an extra $400. They do this stuff all the time. Looks like this: I decided not to do the 3M because there are some horror stories of it...
  12. CVF Aluminum Intercooler Hot-side + Cold-side Piping Kit Installed

    Are you tuned or stock? Or getting re-tuned to take advantage of the piping?
  13. BringIt Trailgate

    Nah that thing is for boomers
  14. BringIt Trailgate

    Damper comments on this forum be like
  15. BringIt Trailgate

    I'm always picking up 10 and 12 foot boards. One time a 16 foot gate, thing was like a giant wing off the back of my Ranger. I could use this. My question is, how much could I get for my stock tailgate if I sold it? I wouldn't be surprised if I could make most of my money back.
  16. What’s this years best Black Friday deal

    Since he is always peeking at you you should put a sign facing his house that says "Good luck with your divorce". I haven't seen much for BF. Mostly 20-30% off stuff. I want to get some new power tools but I'm not seeing the discounts.