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  1. Just what we needed!

    This is interesting. I think it's too early for me to like or hate it objectively. I don't think we are near a technology that will be effective enough to be embraced en masse or even make a statistical bump in outcomes. I'm going to hold out on judgement until I see how they plan to...
  2. Say what!? ?

    I generally support safer roads. I think any like or dislike I have about this is going to come from how it's implemented and any unintended consequences that are above and beyond a minor inconvenience.
  3. Differentials and Transfer Case Fluid Change

    Do your front transfer case. It's easy, everything in there is always spinning and since it's not a lot of fluid it should be changed pretty often.
  4. Ughhhhhhhh. Trucks, HOAs, and Garages...

    Don't move there. Especially if the HOA is run by the homeowners of the neighborhood and you don't intend to (or cannot) abide by the rules because running an HOA is a pain in the ass and owners or renters that don't want to abide by the rules - it makes it that much more of a pain in the ass...
  5. "Pre-COVID" Ranger

    Is that opposed to being in a "tight tight" situation - where all the nuts and bolts on the vehicle are properly torqued?
  6. Why the interior hate?

    3 gripes that are not all that bad. 1) The manual "+ and -" buttons for changing the temperature are not backlit. 2) No Air Conditioned seat option. Women like warm butts, men like cooled balls. 3) The Infotainment start up time - holy shit that takes too long. Kind of a 4th gripe but...
  7. Ranger to Frontier?

    If it could tow 7500lbs like the ranger and had air conditioned seats I'd trade in for it today. But alas, as far as mid sized trucks go that can tow 7500lbs - here I am.
  8. [Update] So I bought a house.

    Wow, my post did NOT age well.
  9. Shutter at takeoff fixed

    Apologies to the OP for the thread jack but Phil - this is the first time I've heard of these but looking at how they work it seems like a fantastic solution. I have a Class C RV and tow a 20' enclosed and will be doing a 5000 mile trip soon so I just ordered a set for every wheel of my...
  10. Is Miata always the answer?

  11. TSB 20-2277 2019-2020 Ranger - Shudder/Vibration When Accelerating From A Stop

    I thought it was about shudder when taking off/accelerating from a stopped position, not starting up the vehicle. I didn't know there was shudder when people start their trucks.
  12. EV's... Rolling Blackouts in 115 F. Heat

    The solid state batteries supposedly overcome this and operate within a reasonable percentage down to -40C depending on who's data you're reading. Toyota was set to launch a solid state battery EV this year, but I think it may get pushed back.
  13. EV's... Rolling Blackouts in 115 F. Heat

    I'm not expecting this in 2023 for the Matrix replacement. Those were 2 difference sentences as the Toyota Matrix is not my vehicle, the Ranger is. However, if Toyota's Solid State batteries work out - it could happen within the next 5 years. We will replace the Matrix with the best EV...
  14. EV's... Rolling Blackouts in 115 F. Heat

    Toyota may have that answer first: Can Toyota take pole in the solid-state battery race? (
  15. EV's... Rolling Blackouts in 115 F. Heat

    I like that EVs got the memo on range and power. Low 0-60 times and 200+ mile ranges are a hit. The charging time and places to charge will both improve. The solid state stuff is quite promising. Putting environmental or political stuff aside - it won't be too long before EVs are a more...
  16. TSB 20-2277 2019-2020 Ranger - Shudder/Vibration When Accelerating From A Stop

    I'm a bit knowledge and time limited but am very interested in giving this solution a shot. Is there a how-to or helpful info that shows me what I need or how to shim the center bearing?
  17. TSB 20-2277 2019-2020 Ranger - Shudder/Vibration When Accelerating From A Stop

    I only occasionally experience the shudder when taking off from a stop in the first gear, but it's there and I can consistently make it occur with the amount of throttle application. Once I attach my trailer ~7klbs, It will shudder in the first 3 goddamn gears. And I have airbags to...
  18. Looking for a dash cam...

    Only when people quote my posts do I realize how bad my proof reading is. Yes, I did proof read that and thought it was acceptable. Holy moly.
  19. Looking for a dash cam...

    Put me in the BlackVue camp. I have the front/rear setup with the power magic pro that allows me to record while park until the battery reaches a certain voltage. Love it. They now fancy ones with cloud storage, 4k, Cloud access and even battery add ons for 12-24 hour parking recording...
  20. Made in USA and keepin in that way!

    IF I have to choose the answer for me is very easy. I'll put money in blue collar pockets any goddamn day of the week because I know they A) need it, B) deserve it, C) pay their taxes with it, and D) it goes back into the economy - likely their LOCAL economy too. If the foreign corporation...