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  1. Difference between stock and leveled

    Mine is on the right with Fox 2.0 leveled suspension. It appeared he was stock with Bfg’s. Cool to see the difference, I still need get some bigger tires once these wear down some more…
  2. Will upgrading my UCA's reduce the side to side twisting motion felt in my truck?

    I upgraded to Fox 2.0 yet there are times when there is still too much side-to-side rolling going on when hitting a bump wrong. Will upgrading UCA's reduce this motion or should I be looking into stiffer shocks?
  3. Any new/good options for a boost gauge?

    Really wanting a way to look at boost. Did some searches and haven't found too much, or anything that has caught my eye. Has anyone come across ways to do this. I'd love for a company like stage 3 to make a nice kit with an A-pillar design but so far it looks like that doesn't exist.
  4. Anyone come across tire options with these wants?

    -275 70 r18 -White raised lettering -Non LT or E rated tires. I don’t want the extra weight. I don’t do heavy off road use so 10 ply would be useless. -All-Terrain
  5. Anyone know what this is?

    Any ideas what this connection is? Is it stock?
  6. Question regarding 275/70 R18+FP 2.0 kit

    The Fox 2.0 suspension kit by FP is being installed tomorrow... I'm already plotting some new rubber! Is it possible to fit this size tire on stock 18' wheels without rubbing? What does it take to do this? (Spacers, crash bar adjustment or crash bar removal....?) From my research I cannot...
  7. Very smoooooth

    Took about 30 minutes, nice little upgrade!
  8. New & Old

    It’s interesting to see the size difference over the years. I’m not exactly sure what the older truck is but it looks like an older Chevy, had a 300 or 350 badge on it.
  9. Difference between these 3 Fox kits?

    Stage 3 performance has 3 kits that seem very similar with different price points. I think I've made a decision on going with the Fox brand. It's what Ford picked, Fox tends to be on the softer side which is what I want and the price point is fair. In my head, Fox has almost(key word) the same...
  10. KING extended shock question.

    Okay so ive been wanting to upgrade suspension. Came across this pair What are the differences between extended and "normal" for these King's? Does this mean that they will have a...
  11. Youtube video comparing ZR2 Vs Tremor off-road. Very good comparison.

    Came across some cool videos comparing the two trucks. IMO both trucks performed very well and both have their separate pros/cons.
  12. Any experience with Lift/4X4 shops in the Northern Arizona area?

    I know it's a long shot but I'm starting to look into shops for a suspension and lift upgrade. Does anyone by chance have any experience or hear of good things for shops in the Northern Arizona area? I'm willing to go down to Pheonix but id like to stay up near Flagstaff. Any help would be...
  13. Mishimoto CAI & Turbosmart BOV install

    First off very happy with the truck after these two mods. The throttle response is much better due to the CAI, the low torque feels stronger, the high rpms feel the same. Driving in parking lots and city driving is much improved. I went with the dry filter. The Turbosmart BOV is a nice sound...
  14. Experience with BDS 3.5 CO Lift kit?

    Morning all, I've been on a furious debate with myself on what suspension kit to go with. I'm torn between just the typical Fox 2.0 setup versus a more robust 3.5 Coil-over setup. Has anyone has experience with this specific BDS 3.5 CO? It seems to be the most complete full suspension lift for...
  15. Just ordered some new goodies

    I've been contemplating for some time now on what exhaust/CAI to go for. I thought I was going to go with a single cat-back Magna flow and Roush CAI but after more consideration, I went with the Gibson dual exit cat-back exhaust. I found a website that is doing half off all Gibson exhausts, got...
  16. Handled some hard driving very well

    Was out and about last night and got a little bit wild with some friends and other trucks(safe, open roads, no other people around!)... Had the Ranger at WOT multiple times, multiple attempted burn outs ect. I’m glad to report it handled it very well, temps didn’t even get too high! To get it...
  17. Driver side, feet heater duct

    Loving the Ranger as it's relatively new to me. One thing I've noticed is on the driver's side foot area when I go from gas to the break the air duct hits the top of my boot/shoe. This is a terrible design and should have never been approved, no other car to truck I've ever had, had this...
  18. Hello, question regarding increase in turbo sound.

    Greetings Ranger 5G community, I've been a long-time lurker(about a year now) and can't wait to start making the Ranger my own, just recently purchased a 2019. I plan on using it for some heavy trail riding and will definitely see some nice starry nights under the Sedona and Flagstaff skies...