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  1. GM is pulling the plug on gas and diesel by 2035

    Hopefully, by 2035 other advancements in fuel and propulsion will become feasible and come to market. They have been working on implementing Hydrogen for a long time. They say these fuels are clean but it takes Rare Earth Metals from Mother Earth polluting the land. We do not wish to support...
  2. FORD BRONCO vs JEEP WRANGLER - Can It Rock Crawl?!

    The Jeep is designed for rock crawling. Bronco designed for high speed running.
  3. Ski racks, bars, and setups

    What Xtrusion rack height is that. I think its 16" from top of bed to roof.
  4. 2023 Ranger 6G globally revealed!

    I will have to see if my pet peeve of the Ranger has been dealt with. On the 4G and 5G the way the door opening hits the cam lobe follower has to be changed. I am a big guy with a small apartment parking spot plus in the city most parking spot that are parallel with other vehicles are small. The...
  5. 2023 Ranger 6G globally revealed!

    Another video
  6. 2023 Ranger 6G globally revealed!

    This video from the 6G forum explains the features a bit more.
  7. I am done with Ford ranger

    How's the 6G Ranger motor going to be affected by the new PHEV system. If you have a commute within its range the motor will be used even less.
  8. I am done with Ford ranger

    OCL. Interesting. The Ranger does not seem like a city vehicle from your opinion. Wow 15 to 20 miles to warm up. 100 miles every weekend.
  9. I am done with Ford ranger

    This reminds me of the movie Ford vs Ferrari. The scene: "The Customer is Alway's Right ", where Ken Miles gives the customer shit for babying his MGA.
  10. Savagegeese

    Drive's like it has a bent rim.
  11. Coastal offroad winch bumper

    ARP Bumpers are $2000 USD and up. From my side in Canada the Coastal Offroad Bumpers are in CND $. They are good value if you can weld or know someone who can weld them for a good price. The Bumper fits great Rob ?
  12. Reporting Fuel In The Oil issues And Other Issues To The NHTSA

    That's my feeling on this issue. The motors are not being broken in correctly.
  13. Reporting Fuel In The Oil issues And Other Issues To The NHTSA

    I see you have posted this issue before. People have talked about the catch can. A leak down test on the cylinders might make sense. I see its a 2021 model. Maybe the piston rings did not seat properly.
  14. Rough Country Rear Differential Skid Plate Works!

    Looks like a well made product. Seems to fit snuggly. Myself I would make some SS spacers, instead of all the stacked washers.
  15. 70 plus years of change.

    Credited as the car that saved Ford. Cool time capsule !
  16. Gotta Clean the Workbench more often

    Ha ha. That's a bit long winded. Go Team ! A mission statement. Cool
  17. Ford Perimeter Plus Alarm system

    Thanks for the detail photo's on this post. Very helpful when I go to install the system.
  18. What makes of non locking rims are best to hold the bead.

    Rims with bead locks are expensive. I just watched a show on after market rims. They offered a rim for drifting with a knurled bead with a larger surface area bead. These are s1upposedly better to hold a tire on at low pressure. What's out there like this in a 17" rim with the correct offset...
  19. SuperCab Love

    I think you can only get the rear seat delete when purchasing an XL only. i have never seen someone order one as parts. Maybe try that Ford Parts American distributor. See if you can find it on Discount Ford Performance Parts, Lincoln Accessories | Levittown Ford (