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  1. What are you guys towing?

    Any pics handy? What did you do for electronics and goodies if any?
  2. Report your MPG

    ‘21 Stock XLT with Tremor package on 87 octane. Currently 20.5 mpg 80% city/20% Hwy Previously on a 3000 mile trip 80% hwy /20% city I averaged 22.7.
  3. The Ranger Flip Off

    Have to keep the damper fluid from overheating. Remote reservoir seemed like the most affective option…
  4. The Ranger Flip Off

    All bets are off….
  5. Custom blind spot mirrors for Rangers with BLIS

    I like. Good fit and visibility.
  6. The Ranger Flip Off

    Let’s start it up!!!
  7. The Ranger Flip Off

    I have a Vette and we also do the wave. Going to try the Ranger Flip Off and hope I don’t get my ass kicked.
  8. What’s everyone using for rock lights?

    Ford Performance Rigid kit. Hooks up nicely to the upfitter switches in the Tremor.
  9. Custom blind spot mirrors for Rangers with BLIS

    I ordered mine before lunchtime on Wednesday and they were in the mailbox this morning all the way from California.
  10. What are you guys towing?

    Thanks! Of all the much bigger boats I’ve owned this one is my favorite.
  11. Pre Runner Bar

    looks like it kills front approach angle. likely much better off with a full bumper with the hoop integrated.
  12. Pre Runner Bar

    Thinking it could be covered up by a strip of media of your choosing. I agree the logo is obnoxiously BIG.
  13. Pre Runner Bar

    Anyone have one of these or actually see one on a truck?
  14. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    Nice clean looking truck. Congrats!!!
  15. Tremor Mud Flaps

    I’ve had my RB XL flaps on for over 9 months now and they work well.
  16. Custom blind spot mirrors for Rangers with BLIS

    My wife is in the fastener industry and a 3M distributor. They say that VHB is designed to literally last forever if applied properly.
  17. FOR SALE!!

    There’s an ass for every seat as they say. Still don’t know who “they” are. As much as used trucks are going for that is a damn good looking vehicle with decent mileage. Looks to be well put together with tons of costly upgrades some being custom. It’s about as close as you can get cosmetically...
  18. Turning factory fogs yellow

    What triggers the switchback function from white to yellow. Also, do they require anything else beside the bulbs?
  19. Turning factory fogs yellow

    Same here. My wife’s Outback after 3 years.