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  1. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    agreed. i know its for humor but we dont need any more examples of improper handling to stain things further. the mechanaphobics do not need any help being irrational or political...
  2. North Carolina 17" Magnetic Wheels with Factory Hankook's

    I understand, no worries.
  3. North Carolina 17" Magnetic Wheels with Factory Hankook's

    i hate to ask but if you are willing to split up the set - I am only interested in a wheel for a spare. what would want for a rim, no tire?
  4. What is this "mechanical" sound?

    the 5 g rangers make random strange sounds but not to worry it is normal. it can be a bit upsetting if it happens while you are under the truck lol.
  5. Fiesta Pickup 1978

    i like it better than the fiestas i remember from the 1990 ish time frame and the gm geo competition. reminds of the lil vw cabrio i think from about that late 80 - 1990 ish time frame. I feel a maverick fiesta car truck meme coming...
  6. 5100s off road

    agreed it is not worth injury.
  7. 5100s off road

    thats not a bad idea thank you
  8. 5100s off road

    so its been almost a year since my 5100s for the front showed up. they are still in the boxes and not on the truck...😞 every time i get a quote from a shop its just out of my budget. im starting to consider doing it myself. talk me out of it lol. i dont have a spring comp etc. it would be a...
  9. Fiesta Pickup 1978

    something tells me pretty ladies like that would not ride with me if i owned a fiesta lol
  10. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    expect a visit from some govt goons and a nurse any moment now lol
  11. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    wow i think i drove that much last month lol. but low miles is high resale :)
  12. Your rig in epic camp sites!

    is it just me or does shanes truck seem to be more hairy chested and tough than some of the other rangers? i think the white truck with the steel wheels and off road tires make it look bad ass.
  13. Help! Red Squirrel Nests in Ranger

    steel wool maybe? i know it will keep mice out. but keep it away from any spark it will kick off a fire quickly.
  14. Beautiful Pictures

    amazing pics!
  15. Not a Ranger, but dealer pricing games info.

    i had planned to trade in my 5g ahead of the basic warranty running out which will be late 2023. was looking forward to a new ranger tremor or raptor etc. but im keeping it longer. no way id pay over msrp. i guess a ranger will be 65k in 2023 lol. its against my religion to pay over msrp lol. i...
  16. Not a Ranger, but dealer pricing games info.

    wow... i hope who ever is pricing stuff at that dealer is sleeping good. so i can expandafoam all his doors shut.
  17. Help! Red Squirrel Nests in Ranger

    damn . i hope you can keep them out. i wonder if one of those ultrasonic things would work
  18. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    damn. i feel totally geriatric now.
  19. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    so true! i was not a totally bad kid but did do my share of dumb kid stuff. possibly more than my share. i noticed recently while walking through the neighborhood all the door bell cams and drive up cams and car cams. cant get away with anything these days. i would have had a very boring...