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  1. Damper Shamed!

    I have one of these on my old F-150. That actually does have a heavy tailgate. Really makes it nice.
  2. On board Air setup on your Ranger

    I made some updates to my system this weekend. I think I’m done. Yeah well you never know. First is a 5 liter Festo tank, mounted above the spare tire. It’s tight but it fits. The spare does just touch the tank, but there’s no pressure on it. It would not fit at all if I had not made the jog in...
  3. 2021 Ranger Adds 4 New Colors: Cactus Gray, Carbonized Gray, Cyber Orange, Velocity Blue

    I'm glad I got Lightning Blue while it was around. Velocity Blue is a weak, pale color like Blue Flame was on the '09 F-150.
  4. Terrain management upgrade?

    TM knob and TC switches installed. TM works as expected with the required Forscan setting. Still waiting on TC...😁 I haven’t seen this pic yet, maybe it will help the next guy. This is all the panel has to be lifted to make the changes.
  5. Downhill drive mode?

    Try Tow/Haul mode, it enables fairly aggressive engine braking.
  6. Trip Report: 1800 Miles With a Camper

    No WD hitch. The sway control might be a Reese, it's just the standard friction bar type.
  7. Tail Gate Dampener

    I don't think I took any pictures. I think I got most of my info from this thread. And I used the Noico asphalt stuff. Cover everything you can see for best results. I did a little more than Andy's third pic.
  8. Hackett to Retired as Ford CEO

    Do you see this as a positive change Phil?
  9. Tail Gate Dampener

    Definitely yes. Highly recommended.
  10. Tail Gate Dampener

    I put dynamat in my doors. They still get slammed by everyone who rides with me but the "thud" is a much more pleasing tone now.
  11. Door Trim 2020 Lariat

    I believe that panel is attached with plastic rivets. It could be separated with a procedure similar to this:
  12. Honest review - 2WD w/ Locker Off-Road

    It's an easy way to tell apart those who know what they're talking about and the smoke blowers. See also: "posi"
  13. Honest review - 2WD w/ Locker Off-Road

    I wasn’t saying 4WD was invented in 1990, and I think you know that. I stand by my statement as it pertains to widespread adoption in working trucks. My great-grandpa’s 1968 F-100 (still in another branch of my family) did a lot of farming, two turning and 6 burning.
  14. Honest review - 2WD w/ Locker Off-Road

    4WD was practically unheard of until 30 years ago, now everybody thinks they need it (including me, I'm guilty too). I went a lot of places I had no business going in an old 2WD 1996 Ranger on the farm where I used to work.
  15. Towing mirror issue

    Why do they have to look like Duramax mirrors??? :puke:
  16. 2019 ranger towing tractor?

    Agree, around 15 mpg.
  17. 2019 ranger towing tractor?

    Easy load, I’d be more concerned about the condition of most trailers out there and the Chinese tires that they all have, than anything to do with the truck. This JD is about 4600 lbs plus the trailer. Hauls like a dream.
  18. Redarc Tow Pro Elite Install