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  1. Need help with part # dealer says doesn't exist

    That looks like generic pre-cut clear vinyl film. I looked at some of the pre-cut patterns and did not see any specifically made for this section. You might be able to call around to some local shops that install 3M or Lamin-X to see if they have or can cut/install something like it.
  2. anyone seen aftermarket overhead/ roof console?

    If there's anything like this for the AU/EU market, then it's likely someone will develop one for the NA market as well.
  3. EBC brakes

    Agreed. Just can't imagine there would be much if any demand for any of the race pads for the Ranger. I'd be willing to bet they will eventually release Yellowstuff Truck, Greenstuff, and black (OEM)
  4. Tall guys, How do you like your leg room?

    6'1" here and there's plenty of leg room. My right knee does sit a little close to the console but that's more of how I sit than lack of room. I could lower and or move the seat back, but I adjust it forward a tad to ensure my daughter has plenty of leg room when she's in the back seat. So I...
  5. Ranger crew cab big enough for family with kids?

    My wife and I regularly go to her parents ranch and take the truck. I'm 6'1 and my wife is 5'1 and we have two daughters aged 7 and 10 so you know they have a crap ton of stuff as well as their booster seats. I do not have to move my seat for either of my girls to sit comfortably behind me...
  6. EBC brakes

    That's some great news. 👍 EBC pads are some of the best available. I ran them on moth my VW GTI's and absolutely loved them. The only caveats with them is to be absolutely sure of the version you get and follow the bedding in process to the letter to get them to perform optimally. The...
  7. 5-Star vs Livernois Motorsports vs Unleashed Tuning

    Not sure what kind of issues the people that you talked to had with 5 Star, but at least for me I do not have any complaints. All the interactions I have had with 5 Star from the initial tune purchase to adding on the additional tuning files have been great. As I previously stated the...
  8. Why synthetic blend oil?

    Just be sure to use oil that is rated API SN Plus Resource Conserving and/or DEXOS1 Gen Type 2 compliant oil to provide the best protection for the TGDI engine.
  9. Vibration at take off

    Just pull one of the center bearing bolts out and take it to your local hardware store. They should have grade 5 or 8 bolts that are longer than the stock one as well as a washer to go with it. You can look for stainless or coated to prevent future corrosion issues. When I inspected mine the...
  10. FORScan Modifications

    It'd be nice if they had included it on the NA ranger, but even if we found the correct code to turn it on, it wouldn't work. Ford's semi-assist parking has to be activated via a push button that is typically located near the shifter. Since ours lacks this button, and likely the harness is...

    My wife's car had a real bad problem with pulling in exhaust odors form other cars while driving. So much so that she hated driving it. The fumes would regularly give me a headache as well. I found that the Spearhead Premium Cabin Filters did an amazing job at odor control. Since mine would...
  12. List of Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for 2019+ Ford Ranger

    From what I have read the Ford Performance Tune is on par with the 93 octane default tune file available on the SDX devices ie: BullyDog. The Ford Tune adds 45hp and 60 lb/ft of torque and like the SDX default tunes needs at least 91 octane to hit those numbers. Drive-ability is the about...
  13. Possible brake issue

    Same here. 2020 with a Nov 2019 build date.
  14. Sunroof

    This is one of the main reasons I didn't buy the Tacoma last year. I wanted all the nifty features, but not the sunroof that came along with the package that included them.
  15. Recirc Annoyance

    Mine did this a few times when I first got it. Then it just randomly started staying on what ever mode I set it both from the previous drive and if I change it during the current one.
  16. Sunroof

    I wouldn't. I have owned multiple cars with sun/moon roofs. Ended up hating every single one because they would develop leaks, and/ or would randomly open themselves and let rain in and these were factory units. Aftermarket sunroofs are much worse. Typically there is little to no additional...
  17. 5-Star vs Livernois Motorsports vs Unleashed Tuning

    I have been running the 5-Star 93 Performance tune for about 1200+ miles now and it's been near flawless. The transmission shifting was fairly harsh at first but after about 200 miles it smoothed out considerably. So much so that now it's not all that much different now than it was when stock...
  18. Dashcam Install

    I have a Rexing V1 4K camera and is rated at needing 5V @ 2A. So unfortunately it wont run off of the low power output of the USB ports. It even has issues with high output USB chargers because the voltage output on those is not stable or is introducing some sort of interference causing...
  19. Dashcam Install

    This is something I have wondered about as well.
  20. benefits of colder spark plugs after tune

    While many tuners will recommend running a step colder plug when producing each 75-100 additional HP. This will not always be the case. You need to look at the normal operating conditions the engine is kept in. If say 98-99% of the time you're engine is in no to low boost condition as most daily...