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  1. New to AZ

    Mine is bone stock, but it gets driven almost every day. I know these new cars have a power draw from the security system and such as they sit. But I would agree that a dealer visit should be in order for our friend here.
  2. New to AZ

    Never heard of such a thing, but maybe. I ran up to Pine and back twice a couple weeks ago and didn't notice that problem.
  3. Ranger crew cab big enough for family with kids?

    They line up perfectly, but to each his own I guess. It gets nice and tight, and its the furthest possible point from any potential collision impact site or airbag, so frankly I don't care what the manual says. It's the safest spot I can conceive.
  4. Ranger crew cab big enough for family with kids?

    My seat center is a car seat. Using the two center car seat clips.
  5. Ranger crew cab big enough for family with kids?

    You must live in NY or just have no skill. F-150 isn't that big
  6. Ranger crew cab big enough for family with kids?

    I have a 15 month old son, and it is a bit irritating with all the buckles and such. That's more of a height thing than space, there is plenty of room.
  7. LEMON ALERT!! 2019 Ford Ranger is unreliable and dangerous, and Ford Canada does not care.

    Yeah one break down is way too many for me. I would have probably just quit making payment then take a dump in the seat and abandon it in corporate's parking lot. Go get you a new vehicle friend
  8. Tall guys, How do you like your leg room?

    I'm 6'3". I like it just fine! I learned to tweak the seat in different ways over time, because I did feel like it didn't slide far enough at first. But really it is good and comfy once it's set right. I did go with an XLT, and noticed I like the seats better than the Lariat
  9. Chrome Package guys, what mods/accesories?

    I love that fx4 sticker! Very nice.
  10. Chrome Package guys, what mods/accesories?

    I think the chrome bumpers look terrible, because of the silver insert. IMO, pearl white on chrome is the worst color scheme on Rangers. It just screams old man to me. But to be fair, a lot of buyers are old men so there's that I guess.
  11. New to AZ

    We have a lot of AZ here! We should do a meet up sometime.
  12. New to AZ

    I'm in Gilbert. LHM Ford off Mesa drive is ok, but Sanderson is the best rated in the area. I bought at Chapman, but it's pretty blah. Welcome to town!
  13. Bird magnet?

    Phil, this may be the best entry ever on this forum! I laughed so hard. I have hit a bird in my neighborhood in my ranger, first bird strike ever.
  14. New Front Bumper

    That is a really cool piece
  15. Enough with all these little badges and logos!

    I like the badging, if I like the product. I won't do dealer stickers and such, but any aftermarket stuff I want to be badged. Maybe it's my vanity but I want those who are interested in my truck to know I didn't put cheap fleabay parts on it. One that I have is my spray in bed liner; it came...
  16. What car/truck are you replacing with the new Ranger?

    2002 Subaru WRX wagon. I loved this car, and had wanted one since I was a kid. It was stupid loud, and super cheap. I needed a better car, it was a huge piece of crap. If I'd had room in the garage, I would have kept it, I only got 2k for it.
  17. Ford Ranger Gets 3 New Ford Performance Accessory Packages For Off-Roading and Customization

    I do like the wheels. But that's all, I'm probably going with a different company for suspensions and tuning, so this seems wasteful to me. Those tow hooks though...
  18. RCMUSTANG'S Auto Folding Mirrors Mod Buy Thread

    Is this still a thing? I'd be interested next time a group buy gets slapped together. I'm definitely not in a rush though.
  19. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    Took this at my parents place. It was clean so I just had to!
  20. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    I love your wheels; what are they?