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  1. Bronco Reveal

    Looks awesome, but I love my Ranger. I do wish we got the stick though.
  2. Too much sport mode?

    As long as you do this, and change the oil more often than required, you're fine. Sport mode isn't like those cars tuned within an inch of their lives. Also, ATLiens is one of my favorite albums of all time.
  3. Ranger Q2 2020 Sales Grabs Firm Hold of 2nd Place in Midsize Segment

    I do not understand how the Colorado has been doing so well. I rented one for a cross country drive and it was inferior to my Ranger in every way. I'm glad that the sales numbers are matching up to my impressions. And it doesn't bother me that the taco is listed in first place without final...
  4. Rats in the engine bay

    Thanks for the help. Physical traps have killed three rats already and he's started parking it in different places every night. Seems to have helped a bit. Added mothballs and dryer sheets to the mix, will resort to poison as a last resort.
  5. Rats in the engine bay

    Like many of us, my Ranger isn't getting driven these days. I've actually been evacuated out of my work location in Ghana, and I've had to leave my XL supercab, a truck I love, and plan to keep forever. I've given a set of keys to someone local who comes and starts it up every week for 10...
  6. So I went to our Honda Dealer today.......

    I don't think you understand. Honda USA and Toyota of USA are headquartered here and were founded here. They are semi independent subsidiaries of Honda and Toyota. Jeep and ram are semi independent subsidiaries of fca. Therefore a locally built Honda is just as American as a ram, and...
  7. Post your off-road pics.

    west african jungle roads, not really offroad, but it's nice to get the truck dirty excuse the german; i am in german class and need to keep practicing in these shutdown days
  8. Aftermarket Rear locker / Posi options

    It works quite well. I've driven up steep rutted terrain and lost contact on one side (while going steep enough to need momentum) and it's come on and kept me moving. I always have to floor it at that point until it goes off because the power does dip until the system disengages. But it's very...
  9. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Hi lift jack and winch kit arrived. With 2wd and having gotten stuck before, glad to have it.
  10. Has anyone done a complete 2019 Ranger oil/filter change by themselves yet?

    Was pretty easy. Installed the fumoto and a bit of hose and it'll go even easier next time. Like others have already said, the plastic fasteners over the filter were a pain. It only took 6 quarts of oil though, not 6.2. Checked the dipstick several times warm and normal temp and cold and 6.2...
  11. Hello!!!

    This worked great as an fyi to readers. The first four tires arrived quickly, the spare got sent to the wrong country (ha!) but then got redirected to me, and all is good.
  12. Who else likes to drive their truck like they stole it

    It's no match for a real performance car, but it beats any average commuter-mobile, even the 'sporty' ones. I took it on the autobahn a few times when I was stationed over there and it surprised all the BMWs, of course, they flew past me once they recovered from their surprise, but it was funny...
  13. Hello!!!

    I hope you guys ship to DPO/APO. I placed an order a few days ago (discounttiredirect) and it went through ok, fingers crossed. Tires are very overpriced here in west Africa. Also, if anyone knows how to edit your location in your profile, let me know. I haven't been able to figure out how to...
  14. Who has the 4X2 Rangers

    2wd XL here. I purchased at an army base in Germany (US models) and shipped here to west Africa. The only two Rangers available were the fully maxed out 4wd Lariat or the XL 2wd. I also could have bought an Euro/African Ranger, but I wanted to be able to bring it back to the US when I go...
  15. Base model with no cruise

    I have the same truck. I've already mentioned it a couple of times here, so sorry for those who are getting a repeat, but I've moved to west Africa (I am American), and didn't want something that would attract too much attention. I also didn't want to get something that was so expensive that a...
  16. Ranger VS Escalade

    60mph? No way. That's like backing your truck off of a 100 foot cliff and landing on the tailgate.
  17. What car/truck are you replacing with the new Ranger?

    Nothing. Lived without a car for three years in Germany (where I am now), but found out I will be living in a major west African city in November, so pulled the trigger. Loving the truck. Got the XL trim because I know I will get into fender benders with crazy minibuses and 30 year old...
  18. 2019 Ford Ranger vs F150 Visual Comparison

    Really? I drive a US-Spec Ranger in Germany, and I find the idea of trying to drive anything bigger in a city or an older village makes me shudder. I already have to pull over pretty often to let cars squeeze past. Sure, it's fine on the Autobahn and B/K/L roads.