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  1. Loose Steering Wheel

    You got a Friday afternoon build .!! Sell it take the loss as you have lost trust and confidence in ford . justified or not . The money beating will end . But owning it will be worse !! I know happened to me on a Tacoma.
  2. 2021 Ranger Ordering Begins 9/14 and Production Starts 12/7

    My Tacoma rear drums would freeze up when moister got in then cold temps hit had to drag ass end a couple feet until free!!
  3. Locking Fuel Cap or Plug for New Ranger

    I know two guys with Tacoma’s that had the gas tank drained from thief drilling hole in tank ! Locking gas cab you say!!
  4. Painting Wheels

    me being me would of run out to see what kind of job he did on the rims.
  5. Next Gen Ranger Raptor Bound For US May Have 2.7L V6 EcoBoost Engine

    Hey ! I thought there was no room in the engine bay !! Bastards
  6. Ranger Q2 2020 Sales Grabs Firm Hold of 2nd Place in Midsize Segment

    I thought it would take longer for it to get second . Impressed!!
  7. chirp sound coming from the engine

    just went outside and fired her up still quiet !!and i was under hood!!my fan is veryloud for sure but it settles down pretty quickly . i hear the direct injection only .
  8. Forum member with highest G5 miles.

    I would love to see you win and get a buy back as nothing worse than spending hard earned money and have it not be right!!
  9. Forum member with highest G5 miles.

    You said they are cutting g them every 500 / 1 k miles . So either they are warping from being thin or they are giving new ones you failed to mention! I’m trying to help not see you hurt. I understand it’s under warranty! But they aren’t going to buy back and your truck is gonna be your problem...
  10. Forum member with highest G5 miles.

    at that mileage id spring for a new set of rotors and pads on my own dime have them install .
  11. First time truck owner and loving my Ranger.

    great to hear your enjoying your truck and found yourself a good dog!!your hounds coloring goes with your new rig!!
  12. Where are the lumber racks?

    this is a 100 percent win!! you made that yourself? your welds? dam that looks good if you did!!if you didnt can i get info on how to purchase!!
  13. Rust proofing for rough winters

    fluid film has been my go two for a long time. from inside the bed walls, to the back side of the steel bumpers.i spray the whole under carriage in the fall every year 6 cans first round(inside frame holes included) then 3 there after .its cheap and works.
  14. What car/truck are you replacing with the new Ranger?

    Besides missing the long bed of the tacoma, the ford is much nicer to drive .all you need to do is drive a buddies Tacoma after a bit in the ford if you forgot . lol
  15. Rear quarter panel replacement

    Ouch !! Sorry happened to you !!