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  1. LEMON ALERT!! 2019 Ford Ranger is unreliable and dangerous, and Ford Canada does not care.

    I get it... Not saying you are trolling, just saying that you are being easy on dealers who commonly do not pay for factory training sessions or even seminars for their mechanics, leaving them unprepared. I'm sure the techs are doing what they can. As a fleet mechanic I often found that I could...
  2. LEMON ALERT!! 2019 Ford Ranger is unreliable and dangerous, and Ford Canada does not care.

    Just to refute this portion of the thread title... "2019 Ford Ranger is unreliable and dangerous" Nonsense! I now have 15 months of flawless assembly and performance with my 2019 Ford Ranger. The tread title is self refuting anyway since quote is preceded by the word. LEMON ALERT. A Lemon being...
  3. Is it normal to only have parking sensors in the rear?

  4. Is it normal to only have parking sensors in the rear?

    Yes The Pinto was not only a great car for its time ,but one of the 10 best cars of all time. BTW the Pinto did not use the top of the tank for the trunk floor like the Mustang and Falcon. In fact the Mustang II used the Pinto Chassis with the same basic tank design as nearly every car from the...
  5. Is it normal to only have parking sensors in the rear?

    If parking sensors are a safety factor, maybe the driver should have driving lessons?
  6. Premium fuel?

    The problem is the altitude, everybody in Denver is High! :wink: :crackup:
  7. Hopeful news at Ford... -- High Minus Dormant and 90 Day Non Openers
  8. Premium fuel?

    Man, I sure hope for your sake that you look more like your avatar than that creepy guy eating the popcorn! :giggle: I love the stuff , but that image will put me off popcorn for some time!
  9. Premium fuel?

    18 years as an SCCA crew chief, IT and G-PROD :idea: so yeah, spectator;) I really have no interest in proving anything to you and I would rather sit at the feet of my betters. Sounds like you drag race? Isn't that a car in drag? Dagmars and fender skirts, right? :giggle:
  10. Premium fuel?

    Not the point, I was responding to your post in which you claimed "The E has a chemical cooling effect. Which will drop your Intake air temperature". Combustion chamber temperatures are a whole 'nother subject. Allow me to reiterate... "You seem to be a pretty smart guy, but you just need to...
  11. Premium fuel?

    What I am talking about is a 2019-2020 Ford Ranger 2.3L Ecoboost with Direct Injection and the "cooling effect" of ethanol on intake air.... Direct injection injects fuel "directly" into the cylinder.(not the intake manifold) Multipoint fuel injection injects fuel at the intake valve.(a little...
  12. Premium fuel?

    Even if that were true, the fuel doesn't mix with the air in the intake in a direct injected engine. If that idea worked at all it would require TBI or a Carburetor . Alcohol only cools when evaporating anyway, not when being compressed.
  13. 4x4 or FX4

    An ordinary hair dryer and 10 minutes work will take those stickers right off. Do it in the first year or so and you will have no paint fade. Start with the dealer's stickers on the truck or another car just for practice.
  14. Concern about Lariat Weight

    Assuming you have a CrewCab?
  15. The small things you bought for your Ranger?

    Here is the one I bought. It needed minor mods to work perfct, plus I had to cut it out to fit around the USB ports. The one Kimball shows looks great as well...
  16. The small things you bought for your Ranger?

    The tray in the console and additional USB ports have been the best small items so far. I have also added black stainless tailgate letters and I will be buying window visors and a hood protector at some point and maybe some graphics.
  17. Window functions.

    Not a big fan of auto up and down. It makes it an aggravation to "crack" the windows for ventilation in the heat. Of course the SuperCab only has two windows which open and only the driver's side has the auto function.
  18. Premium fuel?

    The Ranger has the most sophisticated fuel management system ever devised. I don't believe it would take more than one tank each to see the difference from one tank to another. I also do believe that load, driving habits and conditions could definitely show a difference as well. When you get...
  19. Premium fuel?

    Anecdotal, not scientific, but each incident started with filling a near empty tank with the intended fuel , In each case, probably no more than a couple of tanks before switching back to 87 octane E10. I must go outside IllAnnoy to find non ethanol. Also it must be noted that my trailer is is...
  20. Premium fuel?

    When I first got my Ranger, I tried premium and compared it to 87 octane E10 and regular unleaded without ethanol. My experience is only anecdotal and my trailer is on;y a couple of thousand pounds, but I found no significant difference, towing, hauling, or just daily driving. My truck gets 87...