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  1. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Added these fingernail scratch eliminators. They are fake carbon fiber, and are magnetic. Hit it a bit with a heat gun, and they fold right in. And are reusable. I had these on the now long gone (but not missed!) Tacoma...
  2. Free Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates (NA 1 18)

    I noticed quite by accident that my USB had a little light on it, and while the message did disappear, but only because the NAV was running and had to do a recalc, I did notice that the little light on the USB was going crazy most of the time.
  3. Free Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates (NA 1 18)

    I too lost all the NAV voice prompts and recognition. This brought them back. Took about 15 a minute drive. Thank you!
  4. Wiper Blades

    OP stated (older thread) no Bosch, but it looks like they updated their catalog. Going to order them up shortly.
  5. Ranger is the #1 Most American-Made Car

    Interesting read.
  6. Can’t anyone identify this sound?

    Should it be moving laterally? (If that is the correct term.) Here's a screen shot at the the start and the end, does not look like the camera is moving, but there is more of the hole in view.
  7. Buying a Ranger? Check for the middle tie downs

    I brought the sales brochure and showed it to the service manager, and had new tie downs in 10 days. They had to install them to get the warranty credit, so it took 60-90 minutes in the waiting room.
  8. What car/truck are you replacing with the new Ranger?

    Hi All, First post, and lovin' the new Ranger like no other. Every time I drove the wife's Escape (2.0 EcoBoost) I thought "This is how an engine should pull." '18 TRD Sport, had it 18 months and 16K miles. This is one rig I will not miss.