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  1. Armordillo?

    Anyone used this product? Don't think I've seen it come across this forum yet. I get that it is Chicom and not really going to add more protection to your front end beyond a fender bender, but it looks like a decently priced ($500) for a more robust forward mounting point for lights / winch...
  2. I think I am pregnant.

    Smoke pulled pork, buffalo sauce, bleu cheese crumbles, and ranch fries. Sounds disgusting but hot damn this is delicious!
  3. Why am I having trouble zeroing in on this electrical component?

    I've researched before and put it on the back burner for lack of finding results. I am looking for a panel (flush) mount 12v port type product to pass through electrical connections through walls. I am more or less looking for something like an ethernet rack style panel mount, but for 12v...
  4. Rotator Cuff

    Give it to me straight, how long am I doing to be down? 2 months? More? Left arm is getting bad, pain getting worse, just woke up and my vertical movement is only about 25% now. My ortho appointment is finally tomorrow.
  5. Disable rear seat belt fault alarm.

    I'm still looking to inquire if Forscan is able to disable the rear seat belt alarms when said seat belts are removed. Long story short, I have a full blown rear seat delete and I have removed the seat belts, connectors and all. Now every time I start the truck I have to do the obligatory...
  6. Looking for someone who does vinyl work.

    I am looking to purchase some vinyl decals, the problem is all I have is a standard image (very very simple, not complex at all). Give me a heads up if you can provide this service. I am only needing a handful with a rough size of 4" tall. These need to be die-cut (or whatever its called) so...
  7. Proof of Concept: SPEC-R3

    Reserving this for more information in near future. Update: September 15th - Delayed Status
  8. Spare Parts Bin(s) - I has too many...

    All stuff used for a purpose, but for some reason or another got dismantled and stowed away. I wanted to make a carry case for my battery operated fan gear for camping. Old $200 SKB utility case and some left over gun case foam. lol 😒
  9. Recovery wooden boards are cheaper and work just as good.

    Change my mind. But seriously, any reason I shouldn't? 10x2 with nubs all over it. I think I have that in my scraps pile. I have sealer and some paint from the store might run $10 max. They call them "WHACKtrax" boards which made me laugh. I can make a wood version as intricate or simple...
  10. Price Check

    Four MT Baja 255/85/17 tires. I do have a local discount tire in the 30809 zip code.
  11. I'm about to cut the wires on my factory backup camera... relocate it to the rear of my rack up higher. Appears to be just standard 22 gauge wires feeding the various items. Anything I should keep an eye out for?
  12. So when did yellow over-take amber in the fog/off-road light market?

    I can't remember if I have asked this before, but the idea was wandering around in my head and I could research no good answer. From my understanding in inclement weather the spectrum of best to worst is as follows; red > orange > yellow > white Amber I guess was the middle step between...
  13. Just stop...

    Gucci off-road companies only charge this because a fool and his money... Not going to name drop, but on todays "wtf" moment we have a 9lb propane strap for a well known rack product... $140.00 But if you hunt a little bit on Google you can find it on sale for $110.00! Guess what, your...
  14. Does anyone make a powered single step?

    Kind of like amp researches powered running boards except I'm only interested in individual steps instead of an entire running board. My Google Fu is lacking today.
  15. Do these tire sizes exist?

    255/90/17 all terrain or 285/80/17 all terrain
  16. Waterproofing Particle Board

    I kind of have a wacky idea to create a budget DIY bed-lined enclosure for my ARB awning (gray bagged). I regret not buying a black aluminum version of the awning when prices were much lower on them and the gray bag bugs my OCD. I can easily build an enclose for it with a gas strut or spring...
  17. Suggestions on grit to shave plastic.

    I am going to be shaving my fender vent badge lettering very soon what would you guys recommend as the lightest grit sandpaper to start with. I'd rather go slow and steady then melt s*** or over penetrate.
  18. Best material to back fill plastic?

    Long story short I want to take the XLT logo on my fender vents and backfill between the letters so that I can smooth it into a flat surface and make the logo disappear. I'm not sure in this category the best material to use whether it be Bondo fiberglass JB weld or something else. I don't...
  19. July in Georgia summed up in one picture.

    Yes, more than likely the first thing that came to mind when gazing upon this photo was 100% correct.
  20. Uh, 250v rocker switch?

    So I am trying to use the 3 prong Hella rocker switches that came with my lights for another project. Keeps blowing my test fuse. I look more carefully at the switch and its labeled as 250v. wtf that can't be right can it? Upon closer inspection says 120VAC/250VAC. Really Hella... Or am...