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  1. Toyota shows far more common sense than Ford

    Don't you just love the phrase... "Emission Free?" In case you all missed the reasons behind all of the hype behind green house gasses, global warming, etc., here is something to ponder: Follow the money!
  2. Tailgate Damper……cons?

    I won't buy anything that dampens my style!
  3. Interesting space between power ports

    Those vent hole are there for a reason. So whatever, don't defeat them.
  4. It was great while it lasted!

    Good luck. BMWs are only surpassed by Audi, as the most expensive vehicle to own.
  5. 2022 XL STX no tow pkg question

    The feed for the CMHSL is in the same bundle of wiring in the driver's side wiring trough, and it rather easy to get to. And splice? Gee, the kit supplies the devices to do exactly that—splice into two existing wires "you" separate from the under dash harness!! And, if you install the TBC as...
  6. 2022 XL STX no tow pkg question

    For those interested, the Ford part number for the TBC is: VKB3Z-2C006-A. This unit assumes it is at least an XLT. It is easy to install, but rather time consuming. If you have the correct tools (clip on plastic trim tools are a must!!), it takes about 4 hours. You'd better know how to solder...
  7. Died and Came back to life

    It does use WiFi, unless you have the Hot Spot turned on. If the WiFi doesn't require a password, most decent software will know that fact. The last time mine applied an update, was.... At my bank! Which as a free, open, customer WiFi connection.
  8. Died and Came back to life

    From experience... My automatic update is set on Yes, so it should do the update whenever it has an internet it can connect to. But sometimes, it doesn't update as soon as one is released. Apple does this a lot, to minimize the load on the servers. I suspect Ford (or their vendor) isn't much...
  9. Died and Came back to life

    There is one cause. If you have the Sync system set on auto update, and it was updating at the time, nothing would appear to work, until it was finished.
  10. "Instant shift" tune for manual shifting in sport?

    I use manual mode a lot, and not just at the track. My suspension is dead stock, and the tires are Michelin LTs, and stock size!!! If I just manually shift at light throttle @ 2,000 RPM, the shift takes about 2 seconds. At full throttle, @ 2,000 RPM, the shift is almost instant. But remember...
  11. FX4 Gravel / Air Deflector Removal

    Well, they also help deflect rocks and debris. And when a sharp rock hits the CVU joint's protection boot, you'll be asking yourself why you removed them! Trim perhaps to clear the wrong sized tire? Mmmm maybe, but remove? Nah!
  12. Showing gears on display

    Lets do this one more time... The photo is a 2019 XLT, in manual mode!!! Looking at the photo, the gear selector is set at 2. In any kind of ambient light, even streets light (and those used at the drag strip), wash out this display. It isn't prominent (not large, wrong brightness, etc.)...
  13. Showing gears on display

    Yes, the brightness is at maximum. It is supposing to me, that folks here haven't commented on this, besides me. It has been noted on several YouTube reviews. It remains, however, why this is important? When manually selecting gears, and you're not careful, it is easy to over-rev the engine...
  14. Showing gears on display

    My biggest complaint about the display in my XLT, is the fact you cannot read the gear when using manual mode. It is too darn dim except in the dead of night, and even then doesn't lead itself to fast reading!
  15. Charge pipes, intercooler, one or the other or both?

    Ditto the above. Larger pipes add a tiny bit of lag, as does the intercooler. All good, but once you do replace them, to get the best bang out of your buck, you'll need to tweak the tuning no matter whose you bought as a prerequisite! Upgraded exhaust and CAI added to the above, and a tweak of...
  16. Why am I having trouble zeroing in on this electrical component?

    Amphenol makes exactly what you want, in their blade series. But you'll need to dig VERY deep into your billfold!
  17. 2023 Ranger review

    The lightest weight for an F150 is from 4,069–4,653 pounds. The lightest is a 4X2, shortest bed available (only on fleet vehicles by the way), and the standard 3.3L V6. add in the 4WD, long bed, 2.7L turbo V6, and you're hovering around the 4,600 curb weight. But the truth is, the average F150...
  18. I'm running an experiment.

    I hope this isn't a case of "I told you so....!" Larger diameter tires do (at least) two things to fuel milage. Assuming you did not reset the tire size in the computer, the mileage will appear to be less. Remember, the tire rolls further per revolution (larger circumference). And let's not...
  19. Ford had it going on

    There is a 1951 Ford pickup around these parts. The difference is... It doesn't sport a flathead (maybe the driver, but not...). It has a super-charged Godzilla under the hood. I don't remember the time, but it was about 10 and a bit.
  20. Making Homemade Pickles

    I'm always in a pickle, but that is a whole new thing! Should I mention? I don't like pickles!