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  1. Finally found the towing limit

    The only time I had the needle really move on me to past middle, my Scan Guage ii was reporting something like 240F-244F engine temp. Surprised me because it really was just past middle on the temp gauge (XLT IC). It was my attempt to find the limit of the truck, I changed lanes from behind a...
  2. Towing up a long steep grade

    Only issue I find the trans to do on long grades is that it waits too long to down shift, so then it drops two gears when it only needed to drop one gear (earlier on). Nothing wrong with letting the computer do its thing, but what I do is below. I keep an eye on engine load through my Scan...
  3. 2022 Ranger unstable towing

    So, I know what you are feeling. I tow a Geo Pro 19BH which is a single axle trailer probably about 4200lbs loaded for the weekend. Short story, get wheel spacers. If you want all the details, read below lol. The Temor is already a little wider due to the factory wheel offset but on top of...
  4. 2-1/2” level - Front Faction Fab, rear Eibach

    Don't doubt you but think the wheel wells might be more commonly used is because of their position to our eyes. It stands out more. That said, my rear wheel opening is only 0.5" higher than the front with the 1" level but because of the Rangers lines, you would think it is more. I tow a lot so...
  5. 2-1/2” level - Front Faction Fab, rear Eibach

    Looks great, thanks for all the images, I did not take as many photos when I made my changes. My Tremor has a 1" front level with stock rear, rear sits 0.5" higher but to the eye, you would think it is 1" higher in the rear. Since I tow A LOT, I will likely keep it the same but I really thought...
  6. What are you guys towing?

    Well I sure haven't seen that model on their USA site haha, looks like a nice TT from the outside.
  7. What do I need to fit 285/70 R17 on my Tremor (1" Ford Ranger level kit) ?

    I already had the 1" level installed when I got the 285's but the crash bars for sure needed to come out. I also have 1" wheel spacers but the other Ranger Tremor dude on IG who has 285's with 1" level does not have wheel spacers and he had to remove the crash bars too.
  8. One Piece Driveshaft

    Bummer. I will put this on the back burner if the two piece wears outside of warranty, maybe I will look into this again.
  9. Engine Cover TSB 21-2147 Warranty Voided

    Well that was awesome to hear but HORRIBLE Ford made you go through all of that. I ended up seeing the TSB here on this forum and decided to just buy it since I still had Ford points left over from the purchase of the Ranger. I did not really notice too much engine noise reduction (if any) but...
  10. One Piece Driveshaft

    What I am curious about is how this compared to the Tremor driveshaft with the CV joint at the pumpkin.
  11. Anyone do a tune AND an extended warranty?

    I would say most climates yeah no issues. I tow in +100F desert heat. If we are close to water, 110F is ok with us lol There are some climbes in Utah in the summer where engine temps will break 230f if I try to stick to 70mph. Even when I was in the 230F range, the gauge barely moved past...
  12. Anyone do a tune AND an extended warranty?

    Well, I tow a lot so it will be the Ford tune for me....after I get an intercooler and radiator upgrade at least. Rather do that first...... that's what maturity is right there lol I have the extended warranty, it is not my race car and I really just want that torque and better throttle...
  13. Tremor spacers

    Did that do the trick for you? Hopefully so. Can't see why not as it worked for my truck 👍
  14. Target towing weight

    We are a family of 4 but our boys are 7 and still in car seats. Our Geo Pro 19BH tows so well that I know there is still headroom and that is on 285/70/17 tires and no tune on the truck. I want to add the Ford 91 tune for fun but not out of need. Our dry weight is 3200lbs and I figure loaded we...
  15. Tremor spacers

    There should be a plastic trim piece that comes off. Remove that, Then there are two bolts that hold the crash bar in place. Loosen them so the crash bar moves a little, then push it in the direction of the green arrows until it stops moving, retighten everything. Leave the plastic trim off...
  16. Tuner to monitor temps boost etc.

    Man, that is cool and not too expensive. I have been trying to justify upgrading my radiator and intercooler in particular for summer towing. There have been moments I suspect Ford cuts back boost due to temps and load. This would be awesome. My current Scan Gauge 2 OBD2 scanner does good with...
  17. Tremor spacers

    That is correct. Only thing you may need to do is crack the intrusion beam bolts loose and make sure to push them as far away from the tire as possible. That little 1/4" or so makes all the difference.
  18. Spare tremor wheel

    Hello, I will hold out, it is tempting but I had to invest in some work tools which took up some of my play money. Just saw you sold the last one, glad to hear. Was priced well.
  19. Spare tremor wheel

    Just out of curiosity, are you taking the 10fwy back to AZ or coming through Vegas? What would 1 cost? Kinda interested since I need to get a 285/70/17 anyway for my spare to match now.
  20. Stock Tremor w/1" wheel spacers - pics

    Yeah, they were pulled with the 285's. Since we did it at my buddies tire shop, we took it out to lunch before removing them and you can't really even pull into a parking spot without them rubbing. Totally need to come out.