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  1. Pre Runner Bar

    Anyone have one of these or actually see one on a truck?
  2. Semiconductor Chip Shortage Could Last For Years, Says Intel CEO
  3. Pre Runner Light Bar

    Anyone ever see anything like this for a Ranger? This is by N-Fab, but not for the Ranger.
  4. No More Painted Tailgate Handle On Lariat

    Just noticed that I haven't seen a '21 Lariat on videos or in person with a painted tailgate handle. Ford strikes again to save a buck.
  5. Tremor High Performance Action Video

    You won't believe the performance of this beast!!!
  6. Think My Truck Is Homesick

    Born on date is 3/21 and I've had it since Saturday. Seems it's longing to be back at it's birthplace.
  7. Center Console Surprise

    Picked up my new truck Saturday and when I opened center console I found this. Wasn't on the sticker nor was it added to the cost of the truck as an accessory.
  8. Tremor Left Side Lean

    Saw a Tremor on a lot yesterday and noticed the "left side lean" that some have mentioned on the Ranger Forum. Curious if anyone has seen this condition in their Tremor?
  9. Tremor Mud Flaps

    Anyone know what flaps fit a Tremor?
  10. 2021 Florida Skiff Challenge Underway!!!

    2021 Florida Skiff Challenge kicked off yesterday. The run is from FL/AL line to FL/GA line along the coast. 1300 miles in 3 days in a 18' or under skiff. Raises money and awareness for FLs coastal environment (Captains for Clean Water). Several boat manufactures participate and raise money...
  11. This Guy.........

  12. Tremor Deal In Stock

    Good deal on a Tremor Lariat and in stock if in the Maryland area.
  13. LED Tag Light Swap HELP!

    Sorry if this topic has been exhausted to death, but couldn't find what I was looking for. I have a 2020 Lariat FX4 and attempted a swap with a set of Sylvania Zevo LED tag bulbs and they will not illuminate. I have seen XL and XLT swaps posted with no issue. Could the Lariat be the problem...
  14. NICE Loaner Car from the Ford Dealer

    Took the ranger in for a minor warranty item and they gave me a brand new Ford Escape Titanium hybrid as a loaner. Came complete with Husky mats, window tint, and only 88 miles. I've never driven a hybrid and didn't actually know it was one when I started it leading me to the next part of the...