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  1. Toyota shows far more common sense than Ford

    That's absurd. Just because one is not into EV's doesn't make them a hater. But there is a webpage dedicated to EV owners on how to vandalize ICE's.
  2. Folding Tonneau Cover -Poll (Favorites)

    I'll throw in my experience with my Extang Tri-fold soft cover. You can fold it to have only one section down behind the cab and secure it in place for drivability. With two easy wingnuts you can take it completely off. It's not very heavy. When you fold it down it secures with two spring-loaded...
  3. 18's vs 17

    I had the dealer bleed mine under warranty. Much better now.
  4. Toyota shows far more common sense than Ford

    I am not wrong. The EV industry will implode is my guess. We can't produce enough electricity, which is still about 80-90% fossil fuel based, to power everyone having an EV. You can't haul goods via tractor-trailer on batteries. You can't power a train, one of the most efficient methods of...
  5. Toyota shows far more common sense than Ford

    Valid point. I would think a gas station with a decent backup generator could be more productive than charging stations. But who knows. Heck here in central Va. there was a recent Centurylink internet outage and a local gas station could not take credit cards, but could still make cash sales.
  6. Toyota shows far more common sense than Ford

    I don't see it in the OP, also I don't Twitter. What's it say?
  7. Toyota shows far more common sense than Ford

    Why does that indicate more common sense than Ford? Heck, they just announced the new bad-ass ICE Mustang. EV's will never replace ICE in the long run. I have a feeling Ford knows that. The grid just can't handle it, unless maybe we adopt nuclear. I wonder how many EV owners in Fla. can't charge...
  8. Question about getting power to a relay

    I can't be near as helpful as mic19! :crackup: (sarcasm)
  9. What should I be considering for service at 25,000 miles?

    Are people saying the axle and transfer case fluid change interval should be 25k, or just for the initial change?
  10. Tailgate Damper……cons?

    Or you can just pop off the end at the tailgate.
  11. Tailgate Damper……cons?

    True, you can stop, bend down, unload everything, open the tailgate, then bend down and pick everything back up again.
  12. Missouri Velossatech scoop, AEM Dryflow drop in, AFE scoop

    Gotcha. Thought you may have had a legit bad experience with the set up. Thanks!
  13. Ranger Logo on F150

    Now that's the real deal! An actual parked Ranger for a Park Ranger!
  14. Ranger Logo on F150

  15. Missouri Velossatech scoop, AEM Dryflow drop in, AFE scoop

    Why did you take them off?
  16. Ranger Logo on F150

  17. Aftermarket Grill Question…..

    Me too! I also hate when you pick up a food item and it says "Distributed by..."
  18. School me on tire size… pretend I’m 12

    How did those affect your MPG and MPH reading?
  19. Tailgate Damper……cons?

    Here's another one. Having a perfectly legitimate, cheap, useful mod on my truck prevents me from the need to put a bunch of stupid, useless stickers on my rear window.