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  1. Mexican Train

    My wife's family introduced me to this game about 15 years ago. The whole family gets together to play it. We have a set as well. The centerpiece and trains are plastic though. This one looks nicer. It's definitely a fun way to pass time after dinner. My mother-in-law now lives in a very nice...
  2. BREAKING: California to begin sweeping BAN on new gasoline car sales TOMORROW in bid to reach 100 percent zero emissions by 2035

    I'm a California native of 58 years. What most have said on this thread about how California has gotten to this point is fairly on point. I look at California as a great example of why the Electoral College system works for our country. It gives the less populous states an important voice. If we...
  3. Bye bye turbo

    First and only post? :rolleyes:
  4. 265/70r17 or 285/70r17?

    Are those 285's in the standard load?
  5. Truck "bucks" at slow, steady speeds

    Awesome, thanks! :like:
  6. Truck "bucks" at slow, steady speeds

    Do you happen to have the part# handy for this?
  7. Truck "bucks" at slow, steady speeds

    Well, I've come back to this thread after experiencing similar symptoms. I really noticed it when driving in slow traffic on the freeway that wasn't quite stop and go. In the 25-35 MPH range, it seems like the truck bucks/lurches a little or is hunting gears. It happens occasionally in steady...
  8. Hood alignment

    I've adjusted mine twice now. Passenger side lines up. The driver's side still has a slight overhang even though I've pulled the fender out as far as I believe it will go. It's my tailgate that bugs me. I have a gap on the driver's side that is approximately 3/8" larger than that on the...
  9. Tuned by Ford Fox 2.0 Coilovers are different than aftermarket Fox 2.0 kit

    I believe the difference in height below the adjustment nut is due to the Ford Fox springs being 2" longer than the aftermarket Fox kit.
  10. Do these tire sizes exist?

    I didn't think you were :) It's all good. Mud is a specific use where tall and skinny are sometimes preferred. The goal is to get through the mud (not float) to the harder bottom to gain grip. Super Swamper and other manufacturers make a variety of tall skinnies just for that purpose...
  11. Do these tire sizes exist?

    Of course. And that is why I stated that people who run tall skinnies achieve adequate (not better) floatation for their purposes when aired down. There are some circumstances where skinnies perform better, but a tall and wide tire tends to be a better overall compromise for offroad. No...
  12. Do these tire sizes exist?

    That's correct. However, the contact patch of high-performance tires is wider than it is longer. It is to provide maximum lateral grip as compared to forwarding grip. Tall tires are not used because they don't handle well for a variety of reasons. However, dragsters run very tall tires that...
  13. Do these tire sizes exist?

    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T has an LT255/85R17/E. It's 34.6" tall and equivalent to a 35-10.00R17.
  14. Tire Size Fitment Master Thread

    Yep, it will fit with room to spare.
  15. Motorcycle BS Thread

    I've always been a dirtbike guy. I started riding out in our local deserts on a Honda 50cc mini bike in the early 70s when I was 7 or 8. I graduated up to an XR75 and then a bit later to a much faster Yamaha YZ80. In my early 20s, I bought a Honda XR200 to mess around with. It was too slow and...
  16. Post your off-road pics.

    I think it's the most southern point of the big island in Hawaii.
  17. New Wheels on Tremor Size suggestions

    There are no spacers on that truck. That's about how much a 0 offset wheel pokes out. The more poke you have though, the more it will rub on the front with larger tires.
  18. Hot Weather Performance

    Interesting. I will need to give this try. I can see why locking out 10th and maybe 9th might come in handy for certain situations. Not all the time though.
  19. Hot Weather Performance

    How are you locking out gears?
  20. Second 21C24 Recall notice came in mail...

    I just took my SCAB in for the recall notices. I also had some drip rail trim piece problems and lower window trim molding fading. They returned the truck to me with the new folding headrests and ordered the other parts under warranty. The passenger side seatbelt recall passed inspection.