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  1. 2022 Ranger unstable towing

    No, it rides fine. It's simple physics. Why do you think the max air pressure on my tires says 80 pounds? On the crappy hancooks it's 35, or something ridiculous like that.
  2. 2022 Ranger unstable towing

    Different size tires will have different air pressure requiresments. If using the stock tire size, go by what the door sticker says. That only applies to stock tires. If you change to larger tires and/or LT tires, you will need to adjust the tire pressure accordingly. I run 50 to 55 pounds in my...
  3. Brakes warped

    That should be an automatic fail on a drivers exam
  4. 10R80 Transmission

    Mine will do that occasionally from 10th to 9th. long pause, then slams into gear. Its annoying. It hasn't done it in awhile, but I've not been driving it in awhile, either. Its done it when I've been towing and the rare times it went into 10th and then back into 9th. When towing at hwy speeds...
  5. Brakes warped

    People brake with their left foot? Who taught them how to drive? JHFC, people aren't that dumb, are they?
  6. Brakes warped

    Almost 49k miles on my 2020 Ranger and it brakes fine. Why would the dealer turn them? Its cheaper to replace with new rotors...oh, never mind
  7. Stress Test on Front Crash Bars

    I'm waiting fort the day that the manager in charge of deleting features from new models deletes the crash bars as an unneccary cost item.
  8. Front end shaking at 300 miles

    I get the coffee cup once in awhile on a long drive. Its not becuase I'm wandering in my lane, nope.
  9. icon leaf squeak

    They come with the OME springs. Because they aren't cheap parts, you know?
  10. Front end shaking at 300 miles

    I'm running 50 in mine. Still feels kinda soft ;)
  11. Carbon buildup at 25k miles - A short story

    I thought the valve stem looked pretty crusty, too. backside of the valve looks good, however.
  12. No fuel filters?

    Eff those guys. Can't get anything straight in the service dept. Last oil change I drove to Yankee Ford to have it done. When my windshield broke, went there to have it replaced and they farmed it out. They gave the glass replacement people the wrong VIN and the glass replacement people put in...
  13. Ford EcoBoost Carbon Buildup Issue Solved Via Walnut Blasting

    I worked for an automotive parts supplier famous for its belts and hoses. One small operation made trunk trim parts from plastic fiber, usually recycled polyester and polypropylene fibers blended together. the poly pro had a lower melting point than the polyester so when it was heated to the...
  14. How I got my Ranger to stop bouncing

    Ditto! As someone who recently turned 60, Its not as old as I thought it would be when in my 20's. I feel just about the same. Definitely happier.
  15. The wrong oil filter bought on Amazon destroyed my engine

    When I had my first windshield replaced on my Ranger, I gave they parts guy at the dealership the vin number, he called the autoglass place that does their windshield replacements and they installed the wrong windshield. I noticed it because none of the automatic wipers worked or the autosensing...
  16. Ride quality on Ranger *head bobble sensation*

    Stay on the pavement. You will be most happy if you don't have any bumps at all.
  17. will this support the juice i need??

    No joke, but I came back from a two week vacation to three huge moving boxes of wires and cables that looked just like this. It was after the bank I worked at had moved their ops center over Labor day weekend. While I was on vacation, there was no one to sort through all the cabling and get rid...
  18. What are you using for tow mirrors?

    I use a strap on mirror for my 7ft wide CTC. I do have a problem with meeting trucks on the hwy folding my mirror back. This thread did give me the idea of adding a small bungy tied to my ditch light bracket to keep that from happening. Never worried about the mirror blowing off, its more...
  19. 2019 Ranger Lariat HAULING 27FOOT TRAILER!! 4400LBS DRY!

    What was the actual weight of the trailer?
  20. Tiny Trailers/Teardrops

    The wife (promoted from GF) and I started looking at trailers a couple years ago. We hated the quality of them, poorly made and most had a bunch of crap we didn't need. When we finally got sick of working and decided to go on a sabbatical from consumerism, we sold the condo and bought a 7x14x7...