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  1. Check engine light at 75k

    Mine went bad and started to miss .. I would get the part online and swap it out .. 15 minutes to get it done and very accessible
  2. Intake valve carbon cleaner

    I wouldn’t run anything through the intake that could cause large amounts of carbon to be broke loose and then sent through the turbo on the exhaust side .. the answer is the walnut blasting that is vacuumed out before starting the engine
  3. Bronco rail train loading is suspended as of today 9/14

    I’ve been railroading for 13 years now, it’s not about the money so much as quality of life at this point .. we have engineers who can make 150-160k a year but what the general public doesn’t understand is the unethical attendance policy’s .. the company considers a weekend Friday-Sunday, we are...
  4. Ford EcoBoost Carbon Buildup Issue Solved Via Walnut Blasting

    No I bought it when they very first hit the lots, I drive 35k a year roughly .. I work on the railroad so there’s lots of travel
  5. Ford EcoBoost Carbon Buildup Issue Solved Via Walnut Blasting

    105k on my ranger and I haven’t noticed any issues yet relating to carbon buildup
  6. Anyone hit the magic 100k mileage yet?

    I’m at 103k been a great truck
  7. Ford Ranger Sales Lose Nearly Half Segment Share During Q2 2022

    The ranger is the sacrificial model to help boost profits for bronco and f150 .. I’m sure ford would much rather sell you a bronco or f150 for the higher profit margin than a ranger .. it’ll be very interesting how the next gen ranger production will go if the chip shortage doesn’t get any better
  8. Commercial Ranger owners chime in on durability

    102k miles on my lariat and the only issue I had was the heated seat quit working .. been a great truck
  9. How Far Can a Gas Truck & an Electric Ford Lightning Go Towing the Same Camper

    While EV’s are only getting started I’ve run some numbers on the lighting for my current situation, keep in mind we have a expedition to do any towing or traveling with but for me the lightning could save me a tremendous amount of money for a daily driver if I was to compare it to a comparable...
  10. Air Filters in short supply ?

    I went with the wix .. I think either one would be a good alternative in place of motor craft due to availability
  11. Fuel Economy

    I drive relatively flat 55-70mph drive to work and I get around 24-26 mpg on summer blend .. usually around 440-460 miles on a tank of fuel
  12. High mileage ranger

    Brakes are still original, the Hankook atm was swapped out at 80k .. other than my drivers heated seat stop working the truck has been perfect .. I did swap the plug out at 50k and plan to do again at 100k along with all the fluids .. I’ve pretty much done 10k mile oil changes from the...
  13. Air Filters in short supply ?

    Thornhill ford in West Virginia did have some available .. for anyone looking may be worth the call
  14. High mileage ranger

    There’s a few on Autotrader with high mileage with the highest being 148,816 and then a lariat with 130,502 .. mine is getting ready to roll 100k
  15. Convince Me To Buy One

    91k miles on my ranger ands it’s been flawless except for the drivers side heated seat that quit working due to heavy use lol .. 24-26 mpg so I’m happy with that and the brakes believe it or not are still in good shape so they’ll go 100k easily for me .. I would definitely purchase again no...
  16. Toyota truck quality issues

    Another example to avoid these Covid built vehicles .. quality control is non existent from the auto manufactures along with the suppliers just to get product on the lots .. I have never in my life seen so much little issues being passed on to the consumer as I have seen the last few years...
  17. Oil change 3,000 or 5,000 miles?

    I have 90k miles on my ranger and I follow the iolm so it’s usually every 9-10k using Castrol edge
  18. Kentucky Lariat led headlights

    I’ll get some photos once I pick the truck up, I just priced them for what one sells for on .. I think they was 1700 a piece new .. crazy priced
  19. Kentucky Lariat led headlights

    I have a set of lariat led headlights for sale .. they have some broken tabs but could be repaired to work as normal .. they are in really good shape except for the tabs .. 750$ located in ky
  20. Long term reliability of the 2.3

    86k on mine and the only issue I have is the heated seat quit working on drivers side . I change the oil every 10k or when the iolm tells me .. it’s been a great truck so far, still on the original brakes