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  1. Ford Rangers in TV Shows and Movies

    Here is list of 67 pages of ford rangers in movies:

    Can I get the opinion for those who have gotten the OEM brake controller installed, and it's preformance. Not look for other options, but want to know real world users experience.
  3. Upgrading Uplifter wiring and installed lights

    Are you not worried about radiation? That is a lot if lights, but looks great.
  4. Anyone weigh their Ranger?

    My Tremor has Red Tow Hooks so it must weigh at lest 5k.
  5. Ranger Road Trip this Memorial Day weekend?

    Nope, but it will be hand washed waxed and detailed.
  6. Would you buy the Ranger again?

    Yes, once I can convinced to get out of a SUV (Don’t dare call it a station wagon). I would buy another 5g. Especially, a green or orange splash. Since, the Tremor is already for camping and any off road needs. A 6g isn't something that I have allowed myself to covet yet. I love my Tremor...
  7. Velocity Blue Ranger Club Thread

    Not at all, but I do have a Ford tri-fold tonneau bed cover on it. In addition of keeping it out of direct sunlight, it feel cooler in the bed. This really helps here in Texas.
  8. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Added Rigid 360 4 inch ditch lights before the rains hit. Waiting for night to check on the alignment.
  9. what are these for?

    I think they are there for the robots.
  10. Aux upfitter switch wiring

    Thank you. I didn't get a chance to review my wiring until this weekend. My wire bundle was folded and tape down, so I was looking for physical connectors in the box itself. Yes, I feel stupid. Thank you for clearing this up.
  11. Aux upfitter switch wiring

    I haven't found one yet. Has anyone wiredinto the upfitter box yet? What was your experience?
  12. Problems with ranger

    Besides the tear in my break boot, nothing!! Over one year with 17k miles.
  13. When to do first service?

    Honestly, I go in regularly still for the sake of the tire health. I get the tires rotated at the same time. I get it done every 6k to 8k miles when the oil change isn't truly due yet.
  14. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    Hi Benny, I would like to order 2021 FORD RANGER TRAILER BRAKE CONTROLLER VKB3Z-2C006-A. Any codes available? Thank you in advance.
  15. Hood Dampers ;)

    Most likely the holes are still there. Pull them of a 2019 through 2021 vehicles in a junk yard.
  16. Velocity Blue Ranger Club Thread

    1 Year old with many mods done. It has been a lot of fun. My friends joke that I should call her the blueberry. Blue lights and blue sprayed in bed. I really love my truck. It makes me smile everyday.
  17. How long for the Ranger smile to fade?

    1st Birthday, and still smiling
  18. Tremor Owners and Orders Lounge

    Congrats, it looks great. I hope you have a great time with her.
  19. Best bed light mod for ranger

    I used the above but used a Wolfhaus connecter/split harness. It turns off when the tailgate closes.