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  1. 2019 Ranger Transmission Overheat

    Right from our very own……
  2. annoying driveline sound at 70mph

    Loose roof trim, antennae mount, anything really. Some folks reported their side mirror covers howling - cupped their hand over while driving and “gone” - not sure if they just weren’t seated or how they remedied it. You don’t have playing cards clothes-pinned in your spokes, do you? ;) That...
  3. annoying driveline sound at 70mph

    Some folks on here have reported their driveshaft centre bearing failing - might be worth checking. Do not call it a carrier bearing unless you have flameproof boxers. 😀
  4. How long did your OEM battery last on your 2019 XLT?

    Purchased Sept 28, 2019 - battery failed in the summer of 2020 - sometimes, batteries are just bad. 🤷‍♂️ Replaced under warranty - no trouble ever since - not with anything. 👍
  5. Thoughts, Prayers, and Well-Wishes to Members in the Path

    Devastating Phil. Such sad news from your friends and family. I sure hope your brother is safe by now.
  6. Thoughts, Prayers, and Well-Wishes to Members in the Path

    Hurricane Fiona battered Atlantic Canada last weekend and Ian is bearing down on Florida right now. I hope all our members in these areas are safe and get through this. Please join me in sending positive thoughts their way. 🙏🏻🤞🏻
  7. Ranger Celebrates its Third Birthday 🎂

    Happy third to you as well - great work truck for winter climates! Glad you still love. Mine still seems brand new to me. 😀
  8. Ranger Celebrates its Third Birthday 🎂

    Today, is my truck’s third birthday. I went out yesterday and bought it an extended warranty to celebrate. Peace of mind got the better of me, I guess. Aside from a bad battery early on, this truck has been great over the past three years. It’s performed as expected through Canadian winters...
  9. Bye bye turbo

    Hey Paul, I think Hawaii just might be the best place on earth - I went on a handful of two and three-week solo cycling/camping trips on Oahu when I was young. So tranquil and I met some of the nicest people on my trips - true Aloha Spirit. and then a few typical tourist trips to Maui a few...
  10. Ford Pass points - What to get?

    Okay, maybe just one tie down. 😆
  11. Bye bye turbo

    Holy Land? You mean Graceland, right Tracy. I’ve been, it’s pretty cool.
  12. Ford Pass points - What to get?

    I have no idea what the points are worth. No-drill mud flaps? Bug deflector? Oil, air, and cabin filters? Extra bed tie-downs?
  13. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Yeah Mark, it was exactly one of those moments - I’ve never seen a rainbow like that ever - just had to share it.
  14. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    There was a bit of a lull in the storm at the cottage today - looked out the window at the lake and saw this….
  15. SuperCab Love

    Top photo looks like the Leer XR model - bottom one looks like the Leer BC Parks Hut model. ;)
  16. New Ranger Owner (at long last!)

    Welcome to the zombie5g family… ..…enjoy the ride!
  17. School me on tire size… pretend I’m 12

    ^^^^^This, right here……all day long. After you level it and continue to use your OEM rims with their +55mm offset, you’ll be able to get this great look without having to modify anything and your speedometer won’t be WAY off. ”Bigger” has its limits. This is a very popular tire size for a...
  18. 54” or 59” Crossbars on Canopy Topper?

    My Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform is 49” wide - about the same as my ARE topper. I do not have tracks - bolted straight to topper. You do not need crossbars as the platform has crossbars built it, which givesyou a lower profile. If you need the extra width, they have plenty of different sizes.
  19. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    lol - That’s the curb side order label - ain’t nobody got time for picking their own order and there’s no extra cost. They’ll deliver large orders for $55 or small orders for $10 - within 3 hours. Cheaper for my clients than having me do it. Easier on my body. Win-Win.