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  1. Any Good Stock height front Struts?

    Stock Springs manage to be floaty and especially Jarring over even small bumps, are there any replacement struts/springs out there that give a good ride without the kidney punches?
  2. Love for the Ranger Powertrain

    It's a great Truck. these things are baically factory sealed for the first 100k miles, then you change all the fluids in the truck. I hear the rear diff has a little stuff in it but it's got a magnetic drain plug.
  3. Love for the Ranger Powertrain

    Using regular 87 costs you around 30-45 HP, use 91 or better for the full rated power. That's according to Livmos tuning. Never suspected this, and the truck did feel a little sluggish, then filled it with super last fill up. What a difference!!!
  4. My Ranger is beat

    Post up when you hit 100k. 17k miles? your truck is still brand new.
  5. Attempted my first oil and filter change today!

    That one's not bad. seen some that stick down like a T. Enjoy. C.
  6. Attempted my first oil and filter change today!

    Those valves are I e bad road away from an oil bath. What's so hard about turning a ratchet once or twice a year. Got to get under there either way. No danger of a oil bath with the drain plug?
  7. Shifter question

    Understand that that is the front display to gear lockout. Every - push from the full 10 gear display will subsequently lock out each higher gear. Good for towing, or decending long down hills. Pushing + will then unlock each gear up to 10. The transmission will still normaly shift throught the...
  8. Oil change

    6-7k if using pure sythetic, with normal conditions. Initial at 1000. always with filter. Wix filters have the best flow holes. (Larger)
  9. Parking sensors

    Why don't you just get an estimate for the install at a different dealer, the sue the Fks is small claims. That's what they are there for. no lawyers allowed. Yes your honor- even though we were just back there tearing everything apart, we're pretty sur the Ford Factory forgot to install it, and...
  10. The small things you bought for your Ranger?

    If you got a FX2, like myself, you probably want to add a real skid plate instead of the piece of plastic. You'll need 2 tow hooks off of a 4x4 (brackets attarched) and the 2 skid plates. Engine and transmission.
  11. Shifter question

    Haha, Sport mode should be called Drive, and Drive- GMSDM- Goverment Mandated S*it Drive mode.
  12. Shifter question

    You can turn it off in the phone settings. What I did.
  13. Shifter boot replacement?

    Is there a good and looser shift boot out there? The stock one is so tight it has pulled the shift lever back out of S sport mode a few times and it feels thin abd cheap.
  14. Shifter question

    Question- When you shift to S sport, does the finger trigger on the shifter stay depressed, or does it pop out like on all the other shift positions?
  15. Skid plate

    Should of went with White bear lake. mine is already on the Truck....
  16. Arm rest padding

    If your smart, for the upper door, industrial double sided tape a gel keyboard wrist supporter there. that is good padding. Did it on my last 2 vehicles.
  17. 2019-2020 Ranger Discount Offers For The Rest of May

    '19's haha! become used cars Jan1, 2021. Hope the dealers that still have them choke on them. imagine 1.5yrs of flooring costs, plus the discounts. F those dealers : )
  18. Bronco Reveal

    Freak'in Grand slam!
  19. Should my truck have a skid plate on it? 2019 Ranger purchased July 2019

    No Engine or Trans skid plates on ANY 2wd model, not even the FX2 (ask me how i know, oh, i have a FX2- but you do get a piece of silver plastic that looks like 1/2 a skid plate on the FX2! -yes, really.) No worries though, super easy to add them both. Trick is, you need to buy 4x4 Tow hooks...