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  1. Coming Soon! Mishimoto 2019+ Ranger Intercooler Pipes

    I see about 7 InHG at idle from my MAP reading, which is of course roughly 3.5 PSI. But what you said there is interesting, you're saying adding a boost gauge tapped from the cold side intercooler charge pipe would be a good way to get a decent boost reading? Reason being is my aftermarket...
  2. Coming Soon! Mishimoto 2019+ Ranger Intercooler Pipes

    Good question, would love a simple plug and play boost gauge. MAP is a good boost indicator but it’s not very accurate for measuring true boost. Reason being is the MAP is taking into account ambient barometric pressure (which varies greatly depending on your sea level position) which is why...
  3. LEMON ALERT!! 2019 Ford Ranger is unreliable and dangerous, and Ford Canada does not care.

    Just watched this whole video and was as perplexed as you until you got the “corrosion in the wiring harness” bit. The domino effect of something like that would absolutely lead to the serious level of problems you’ve had. Bc the implication of what else could be faulty based on that fact alone...
  4. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Just found this lovely thread on the forum, guns are my second love next to my truck! I grew up shooting in the boy scouts, but as a young adult got into handgun, and then rifle competitions. The indoor range I live close to in North Atlanta has a vibrant Pistol and Rifle competition scene -...
  5. Venomrex Series 602 17" Wheels

    Quick shout out to the guys at OffRoad Alliance, who hooked me up with a great deal on these wheels, got them out to me fast and were quick to buzz me back about where the lug nuts had gone when they weren't with the original shipment. Happy the forum has them as a sponsor!
  6. Who's running a downpipe?

    You can enjoy a very nice “middle ground” with my set up: -Livernois tune 93 -Catted SPD downpipe -aFe charge pipes -Roush CAI -Gibson cat back exhaust The only thing I’d add to my setup is an upgraded Intercooler. I was talking with another member on here named DevilDog1775 - who sold me his...
  7. APG Prorunner Conversion Wide Body

    You need the RK Sport hood now so I can continue living vicariously through you. AND so I can see how it looks in the magnetic color, and further start to justify it as one of my future modifications. 😅
  8. APG Prorunner Conversion Wide Body

    OKAY BOOMER you’ve made your point...
  9. Pet Peeves

    My main pet peeve is the 3 seconds it takes from hitting MAX AC to when I actually get the AC. These 3 seconds feel like 30 in the middle of summer here in the south.
  10. Who's running a downpipe?

    Make sure you post it in the Member Marketplace section of the forum too.
  11. Squealing noise on acceleration

    Glad to hear it! Also a fun learning experience for the rest of us with aftermarket BOVs.
  12. Squealing noise on acceleration

    If it doesn’t do it with the OEM one then I’d wager it’s a defective BOV. Turbosmart makes good stuff but every manufacturer is bound to have a small defect here and there. I think I’ve read somewhere else here that someone got one that didn’t align with the charge pipe right. If the problem...
  13. Squealing noise on acceleration

    I can definitely hear it - it definitely sounds to my ears like a BOV or wastegate sound based off where it happens in the rev range and throttle position. Do you still have your stock BOV? May be worth a shot seeing if it still does with the stock one.
  14. Georgia WTS Stock Turbo 5k Miles

    For a fellow Georgian - yes I will. I’ll send you a DM.
  15. Georgia WTS Stock Turbo 5k Miles

    It is indeed - I’ll knock another $15 off for you if you’re interested. It’s packaged and ready to ship ASAP.
  16. APG Prorunner Conversion Wide Body

    It's just poetry on wheels.
  17. Venomrex Series 602 17" Wheels

    The Tungsten Charcoals are just so fire! I hope you guys run that earlier sale again soon bc for $675 I would buy these TODAY. Yall send me a DM if there's something we can work out. :wink:
  18. Upgraded Cold Air Intake System Scoop from aFe

    I am curious to see this Velossatech product when it comes out, I know another member said he had a prototype already so it shouldn't be much longer hopefully. As I peer into the engine bay, I don't really see how any product can feed directly from the grill with the charge pipes and such...
  19. California Fancy Pedal Covers

    Make it another here!