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  1. Is it normal to only have parking sensors in the rear?

    I am old enough to remember when Ford intro'd the Pinto and Chevy the Vega with much hoopla and made the bold statement they would drive imports from america's shores and in reality they probably did just the opposite. Which was worse - the Pinto or the Vega ? A friend had a Vega in the rust...
  2. New Member. Looking at trucks. Ease My Insanity.

    I swore I'd never ever consider another Ford product after my experience with a 1991 Taurus SHO - it had really bad build quality along with some components that were just cheap and unreliable and back then the warranty was 12/12 , IIRC on the entire vehicle. But I'm seriously impressed with...
  3. Fuel Induction and Throttle Body Cleaning Service

    Articles I've read on gdi and intake deposits suggest that it's highly variable, some engines being more prone to it, such as BMW having issues early on yrs back. One article recommended that if you choose to do it start early as the deposits get increasingly difficult to remove with solvents...
  4. What are the most annoying TV commercials

    Joe Namath selling whatever insurance he sells and Subaru commercials that claim "Love is what makes a Subaru a Subaru" and "Dog tested and dog approved " yuk.
  5. Chrome Package guys, what mods/accesories?

    I'm familiar with the vacuum chamber method of coating plastic with chrome, I wonder how the chrome wheels are made, not sure if the alloy conducts electricity, but there is another process where copper is 1st used to create a conductive layer and then chrome plating applied. I know on my 1999...
  6. New Member. Looking at trucks. Ease My Insanity.

    I think the Nissan Titan can just squeeze into a standard size garage, at least it could in my garage with about 3" to spare. Where did you get your Ranger, I picked mine up at Brighton Ford, dealer demo with 690 miles, also loaded FX4 Lariat, 501a for $ 34 k. Some options - like the chrome...
  7. Chrome Package guys, what mods/accesories?

    since buick doesn't make sedans anymore we (old men) had to find something to drive. the old guys at the golf course think my truck looks sharp, maybe Ford should sell it as the 50s package and include white walls.
  8. New Member. Looking at trucks. Ease My Insanity.

    I think you mentioned that you keep vehicles less than a year - maybe you should share with the board how you keep your sanity as I find the car buying process to be a frustrating, degrading, time consuming, painful, joyless, aggravating and plain stupid process. Having said the above I stumbled...
  9. Premium fuel?

    Well I stayed at a friends place in Del Norte - he has a Buick with the blown 3.8l - I might add a newer Buick because he ran 85 octane in his former blown Buick and got a nice hole in a piston. Now he told me he bought a new truck, but his wife shows me the GM commercial where he bought the 2...
  10. Premium fuel?

    I've taken several trips to pagosa in the last few months, hoping to buy property there and gas is pretty cheap there - $2.29 for regular. On my 1st road trip in June (bought ranger in May) I passed an unmarked police car on red hill pass, he didn't pulled me over though for maybe 10 more...
  11. Premium fuel?

    Do you buy gas in leadville - wondering what the price delta is between mid grade and premium, I filled up at a Maverick station in Denver where 91 was $2.79, just .40 more regular. I've only used 91 in the Ranger, used to putting that in my Saab where I most always used 91, there is an...
  12. Premium fuel?

    If free market economics were followed there would be no ethanol sold at the gas pumps - it's totally a non competitive fuel, highly subsided.
  13. How many of you already have dings?

    yeah I'm headed up to Northfork Reservoir in a couple of weeks and that trail is 10 miles of rocks and a lot of willows crowding the road. Was talking to a friend considering a Ford Ranger or a Tacoma, he wouldn't consider a full size pickup as the extra width wouldn't let him drive on some...
  14. Pet Peeves

    Very touchy power window controls, leaving the windows open just an inch or two can take several tries, at least for me. The drive train at times can be a little unsettled in stop and go driving, nothing major but I used my 2004 Saab recently and it's a smoother drive train - probably because...
  15. Ranger Q2 2020 Sales Grabs Firm Hold of 2nd Place in Midsize Segment

    I just did a 1200 mile trip in the Ranger I purchased in May and totally impressed with the vehicle's performance on and off road, fuel economy was very good and took it on a very demanding 4wd route in S Colorado - Elwood Pass, not for those afraid of heights, steep, rutted, rocky and tilted...
  16. Ranger is the #1 Most American-Made Car

    IIRC Electrolux also bought GEs appliance division.
  17. Ranger is the #1 Most American-Made Car

    yes and here is a link to what GMs factories were doing to support WWII
  18. Ranger is the #1 Most American-Made Car

    yeah they made most everything in house or parts were supplied by companies they owned. I think though their divesting began to occur more than 40 yrs ago, I recall they made appliances thru Frigidaire at one time and locomotives as well.
  19. Programming Garage door opener

    OK a bit of a nit related to the topic - I'm not impressed by the range of my Ranger's signal, my other 2 vehicles beat it by maybe 50 yds. Despite that I still park it in my garage.