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  1. Cut The Cable TV: What Are You Using?

    We have OTA antenna for local channels and philo for more cable channels. We also have HULU, Netflix and Amazon.
  2. What is something you love, and something you dislike about the Ranger?

    2019 XLT FX4 Crewcab I am 7000 miles in after a little over 2 months owning. I really love the power and get up and go this truck has. Love the look. Pulls my camper great. Transmission shifts very smooth and my brakes can put me into the dash if I press too hard....definitely not mushy...
  3. Ranger Q2 2020 Sales Grabs Firm Hold of 2nd Place in Midsize Segment

    I am one of those Q2 numbers also! Very happy
  4. Ranger Q2 2020 Sales Grabs Firm Hold of 2nd Place in Midsize Segment

    The Frontier numbers I bet dropped a lot because the new redesign will be out new year and some are waiting for that. I owned 2 frontiers while waiting for the Ranger to come back. It is a basic truck but built solid. They seem to be used a lot for fleet vehicles now...the ranger use to be the...
  5. 8492 - 2019 Ranger - Trailer Brake Controller Availability

    Dealer finally installed my brake controller last week. Tonight I mounted the dial myself... I liked the idea of mounting it in place of one of the 12v plugins. It really looks great there. thanks for the ideas from this forum!
  6. Approx how long do original pads last?

    I had 120,00 miles on my 2017 Nissan Frontier when i traded it in. It still had the original tires and brakes on it. Tire tread was almost to the wear lines. Brakes still felt great. But I drive a lot of highway miles.
  7. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    Just under 3 weeks new owner. Central Indiana. 2019 ranger XLT crew cab FX4 302A, tow package, sport package i’ve owed 2 previous rangers. ‘98 and ‘03 Switch to a frontier while rangers were gone. Owned a 2014 and 2017 frontiers. I am very happy to be back in a ranger. I liked my...
  8. What are you guys towing?

    First tow over memorial weekend. Shamrock 21DK. about 4300 dry weight.... i’m guessing 4800 loaded.
  9. LIGHTNING BLUE Ranger Club Thread

    Had the truck 2 weeks now. First hand wash and wax. used turtle wax wash and spray wax.
  10. 8492 - 2019 Ranger - Trailer Brake Controller Availability

    Sigh. I should have known after reading all these post that something would go wrong at the dealer with the brake controller install. when I negotiated my deal for my new 2019 XLT last Friday, I told them I wanted the OEM controller installed and it had to be done for memorial weekend. They...